Though by far they are considered the best protection


Kondomer are rubber protections available for both men and women as a protection against diseases like HIV-AIDS spread by unsafe intercourse. It has been only a decade where so much emphasis is being put to the use of male condoms and women contraceptives. With STDs on a high and thousands of sufferers every year the benefits of using them is evident .They prevent unintended conception and teenage pregnancy. They lower the chances of painful after effects like gonorrhoea and trichomoniasis. It lowers the chances of allergy and irritation due to presence of foreign body. Nowadays to promote their use, flavours and designs have been introduced aiming at divine pleasure.

Though by far they are considered the best protection, however, they are not 100% safe. With leakage risk of unwanted pregnancy still remains. Improper methodology or usage decreases satisfaction and pleasure. Sometimes artificial colours affect the natural process and can cause after effects like redness, irritation or even allergy.

However, myths like it increases the urge for more, or decreases potency should be avoided. Many school and colleges in the US have been targeted to spread awareness and kill ignorance. The increasing teenage pregnancies in the west and countless early pregnancy cases in Asian villages due to child marriages are matters of concern globally! For developing countries like India population control via birth control is a must. Also being the world leader in AIDs, use of condoms is mandatory.

Condoms come in flavours like vanilla & chocolate and designs like ribbed or studded to increase satisfaction. Also lubricants and glidecreme ease out the entire process by reducing friction. They are available in water or oil base and may have different scents. Nowadays branded products are also available that are reliable and against which grievances can be registered in consumer court. Luke box, Trojan, pleasure plus kondom are easily available ones.

Regulatory bodies are there to monitor the standard rules that should be applicable to all condom brands like purity, tightness and tensile strength standards. Online buying is a preferable and easy way out considered by all as indicated by the increasing number of per day demand over various websites. From popular websites like amazon.com allows consumer to choose by size, by brands, by type and by design. Ribbed condoms help linger the sensation and the satisfaction.

Enhancers are equally in demand with condoms like climax gels, delay crèmes, spermicidal control and pain relieving pills. Online sites guide buyers with the size and fit and detailed instruction on how to use them correctly is increasing online sales. Also the factor that it saves young people from the embarrassment of going and asking for them in a mom and pop store is why it’s gaining popularity. Condoms act as a barrier not to pleasure but to the side effects.

With the efforts of UNESCO and WHO, the message of its utility has been spread worldwide and a lot many new buyers have been registered in 2012.

Online sites also provide corners where people can drop in their comments and share their experience or even recommend a product, an advantage for new buyers to make them choose wisely.