Battle of Arras

April 9-May 16 1917

By: Kyler DeVore & Chance McMullen

Summary of Battle

The Battle of Arras happened in France . It was a British offensive durning the first world war.The battle started April 9, 1917 and continued till May 16, 1917. Some of the leaders/commanders were Douglas Haig, Erich Von Falkenhayn, Edmund Allenby, Erich Ludendorff, Hubert Gough. The British and there allies conquered Vimy, and Bullecourt. In the fighting around Arras, the British suffered 158,660 casualties while the Germans incurred between 120,000 to 130,000.Beginning in October 1916, a British engineer units began constructing an complicated set of tunnels through the chalky soil of the region. The British and their allies attacked the German.(Canadian,New Zealand, and Newfoundland).

People who fought

Tour Information:

The peaceful and charming village of Bullecourt contrasts with the stunning beauty of the Canadian National Memorial on Vimy Ridge! This Day Tour departs Arras at around 9.00am and takes us south-east out to the villages of Bullecourt and Riencourt.

Following lunch, we move just north of Arras to the Vimy Ridge and surrounding area for the afternoon.

Battle of Arras Tour Itinerary:

  • Depart from Arras at around 9.00am.
  • View and visit the Australian commencement-position in the Bullecourt battlefield.
  • View the Battlefield from high ground and also, from behind the German Lines.
  • Visit to the Cross Memorial, the Digger Memorial and the Slouch Hat Memorial.
  • Visit to the private museum of Jean Letaille (when access is available).
  • Visit to the underground Carrier Wellington Memorial in the suburbs of Arras.
  • Lunch is in the Grande Place in Arras.
  • Visit to the Canadian Visitor Centre and join Subway (underground) Tour at Vimy Ridge.
  • Visit to the Canadian National Memorial on Vimy Ridge.
  • Visit to the French War Cemetery at Notre Dame de Lorette (a National French War Cemetery and Memorial).
  • Visit to the German War Cemetery close by La Targette.
  • Return to Arras for the 6.00pm conclusion of Tour.
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summary: Easter Monday, 9 April 1917 was the first day of the Battle of Arras. Arras was the most interesting battle of the war offering a major element in the evolution of warfare.The British group that attacked at Arras were part of a larger Anglo-French offensive.The man that planed this was General Robert Nivelle, commander-in-chief of the French armies.