What's happening in PACE this week?

Combining Animals in First Grade

First Graders have been practicing research skills, and they have enjoyed finding information about two different animals. They combined the two animals to create a new wacky animal.
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Tessellations in Second Grade

Second graders learned about tessellations this week, and they had fun creating their own patterns.

Solving the Chocolate Mystery in Third Grade

Third graders have been using their logic and reasoning skills to figure out the chocolate mystery. Who will the culprit be?

Building Bridges with Fourth Grade

Fourth graders have been studying architecture, and this week the focus was on bridges. The students learned about compression and tension, and they designed their own mini bridge using straws, masking tape, and a baseball.

Racing Bananamobiles with Fifth Grade

Fifth graders built a "Banana" vehicle that carried a banana from one point to another. The "banamobile" was powered by two rubber bands.

Don't forget that October 12 is a student holiday!

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