Are You a Giver??

16, October 2018

Hey 1st Impressions Team!

I know you are people pleasers. You love supporting your family, friends & acquaintances. You love making them feel good and sharing great deals. Ultimately, that's your main gig with Stella & Dot and 'TIS THE SEASON!

So, let's have some fun with a 5 Day Challenge to ALSO GIVE BACK THAT LOVE TO YOU IN CASH, MOMENTUM AND SOME FUN PRIZES :)

* TO BE ENTERED FOR THE PRIZES: Post your trackers/lists on our 1st Impressions Team Facebook Page or email images to me and I'll pick 5 winners on Sunday!

Simple. Doable. Productive. REWARDING!

Starting Today, reach out to one group per day for the next 5 days. For example:

TUESDAY: Friends who live in different towns.

WEDNESDAY: Friends who are in Book Clubs or often enjoy Girls Night Out

THURSDAY: Your Neighbors who often entertain

FRIDAY: Current or Past Co-Workers

SATURDAY: Managers of places where you spend your money and offer to do a pop up for them at their home or office as an employee appreciation treat.

Or pick your own group from Paola Briamonte's awesome list!:

Big picture
Big picture

WARM UP USING THESE WORDS TO SAY & send images and/or videos to book & sponsor!

WORDS TO SAY FOR BOOKING: (copy, paste, or find other words in the WORDS TO SAY in our Lounge/FB pages)

Hey Allison! I hope all is well on your end. I was just thinking of you and how much our gorgeous new Stella & Dot Collection would look on you--the new clothes & accessories are off-the-hook gorgeous and perfect for everyday. Then I thought, let's get them for you for free! How about gathering your friends for 90 mins. of style over coffee or cocktails? It's such a fun way to connect with friends and there's something for everyone. They can also check off gift lists and you can get loads of style for free! Check this out (enter an image or video with your website) and I'll give you a ring tomorrow! xo's, Carrie


Hi Kara, Hope you are enjoying a nice fall so far. I've been thinking of you for days now b/c we have an amazing seasonal stylist opportunity and I think you would be perfect at it--plus I think you'd love it. [Enter a personal reason why she may benefit from this ie, I know you've been wanting to plan a warm getaway this winter; pay off that pesky bill, renovate your kitchen; pay for the holiday gifts with ease]. This is the perfect time to try it out as a holiday/seasonal stylist! How nice would it be to wear new style, get paid for it, and gather your friends for a few hrs. to check off the gift lists together over coffee or cocktails. We have the BEST sign up special for our new stylists that gives you a LOT of product to kickstart this fun gig with gusto! LMK if you're intrigued at all. Someone's going to benefit from making £ at this time of year with S&D it in your area and it might as well be you! :) Want to chat for a few mins?


YOU COULD SEND OUT 10 MESSAGES IN 10 MINS OR LESS! Do this each day and you'll light the fire in your biz!

chances are, if you block time in your calendar, you'll do it.

What 10 mins will you take each day today through Saturday to reach out?

You've got this!


Founding Executive Director