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If the population of the world went to zero, all the Earth's Biomes and ecosystems would flourish. Without human interference ecosystems would not be touched. More animals and plant life would just sprout up in new biomes. This is untold because to this day the world is full of money, greed, life, and society. If we could tell what the world would look like we could give everyone a clear reading on what life would look like without people in it.

animals and plants

animals and plants: if there were no people here to eat, tear down and destroy life of the plants we would have nothing but forest in this world, just imagine life without people it would be hard, but its true its gonna happen, but we never know when.

if humans never where here

If we never had humans in this world we have today, then the eco systems would flourish and that bull crap global warming never would have been a problem.

do this

Imagine this world without any life or humans at all, there is no telling what you would think because... you don't exist.