Harlem Renaissance

Hanah, Lauryn, Tayler, Mary, Jesse, Taylor, & Kaylee.

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Poetry and Writers

Poetry and the people who wrote it played a large part in the Harlem Renaissance. The way poetry was written changed during this time period changed and and the ideas they reflected did as well. African-Americans were starting to break out of their shell and realize that their culture and ideas could bring something completely different to society. They are starting the early stages of the civil rights movement, and they are ready to be heard. The neighborhood of Harlem made them feel safe. They were not worried about being judged because everyone was just like them and they did not want to judge others. They could express their beliefs for the first time and not be judged. Langston Hughes feels that this time period is all about inspiration and growth. He knows that his ancestors have not had it easy, but they did not give up, and neither should he.
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Politics & Harlem Society

Politics played a huge part in the society of Harlem during this time period. African americans were trying to gain more rights and let the world see their culture. Poems reflected how they felt and the way the city encouraged them and made them feel at home for the first time. They were finally being encouraged to pursue art and show their feelings. activist such as W.E.B Dubois began the early stages of the civil rights movement. He founded the NAACP which aimed to gain full civil rights for african americans. Although it was many years later before those rights were gained, without the political and cultural leaders of this time, it would never have been possible.
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The Jazz Scene & Art

The Jazz scene was a new way for african americans to present their talents and culture to the country and world in way they had never been able to do at this time. They were given a place to sing, write, paint, or do whatever they enjoyed and people began appreciating it, finally. Different communities began forming in Harlan and each community had their own interests and beliefs. Each community and each person brought something new and exciting to this time period of cultural movement. The great migration was a large reason for this cultural movement. More people were flooding into Harlem and each new person that came was a new opportunity for each person and the black community as a whole.