Adulting 101

Friday February 12, 2016

Adulting is Terrible! And Hard! So try to do it right!

There are a lot of things terrible about being an adult!

  • Paying Taxes
  • Making Money
  • Putting on real different outfits you can't just wear gym shorts and slippers everyday.....
  • Buying Toilet Paper
  • Making positive comments on Facebook...
But no one can stop it from happening! The best we can do is help you be the most adulty adult in town!

Adulting 101

Friday, Feb. 12th, 7:45am

101 Wyoming 72

Hanna, WY

Friday February 12th will be scheduled as a regular school day. During that day we will hear from many employers in the community as well as college representatives. We will follow up with a job interview contest with a chance to compete for awards and prizes; so dress for success!!



  • Hear from colleges and potential employer
  • Your study assistance teacher will help you perfect your application, resume, and cover letter.



  • Job Interview competition!!
  • Adulting Classes -- learn how to do all the things that will hit you like a ton of bricks when you suddenly become an adult.

2:00 - Critique and Awards

Over $200 in Prize Money Offered!

Prize money will be given to the best in each category in each grade level. Over $200 in prize money offered!!

Brought to you by the CTE programs of HEM

Thanks to:

Mrs. Gregory and the HEM FCCLA chapter

Mrs. Munsinger and the HEM FBLA chapter

Ms. Freeman and the Bow River FFA

Mr. Ward

Mr. Priest

To learn more about adulting and being successful in your chosen career contact one of the above teachers to enroll in a Career and Technical Education Course next semester!!

Now some more adulting memes