Miss Butz's Class Newsletter

December 14 - 17

A Busy Week Before Break!

We have a lot going on next week. We have to squeeze a bunch into 4 days! Please remember that we do not have school on Friday, December 18th. It is a teacher work day, so I will be here finalizing report cards! I am so proud of all the progress the kids have made in the first half of the year.

Ask your child about the hour of code we did on Tuesday with our 4th grade friends. They used the website http://www.code.org. Maybe you can go on there with your child and try it out. I think the kids really enjoyed it. It is always neat to see the older kids helping the younger kids. It makes the computer lab MUCH easier for me too! :)

AN HOUR OF CODE (with our 4th grade friends)

Important Dates

Thursday, December 17th - Last Day Before Break

SC Santa Hat day too! Enjoy the winter break from December 18 - January 1

Thursday, December 17th - Classroom Party

Winter parties are from about 3:00 - 3:45

Thursday, December 17th - Yearbook orders due

If you want to order a yearbook for this year, please send the order in by this day or order online at http://ybpay.lifetouch.com The code is 11616616

December 18 - Janulary 1 - Winter Break

School will resume on Monday, January 4th.

Learning This Week!

Literacy Focus:

Gingerbread Stories and Holiday Stories

Letter Sound: review

Phonemic Awareness Skills: rhyming, syllables, beginning sounds, ending sounds, segmenting words (saying all sounds in words, ex. dog -- /d/ /o/ /g/)

Reading Skills: asking and answering questions, key details (using illustrations and text), main idea, making connections, visualizing, sequencing, character

Sight Word: review

Math Focus:

Attribute Blocks, "What's my rule?" fishing game, Number Stories: Stage 2, Two-Digit Numbers

Writing Focus:

holiday writing

Science Focus:

Color Experiments

Social Studies Focus:

Holidays Around the World


Remember that BOOK-IT pizza forms are due at the end of each month. You reading to your child OR your child reading to you counts! Just fill up the 16 slices of pizza, sign it, have your child sign it, and send it in! I will send home a personal pizza certificate for your child if you have reached the goal.

Just planning ahead...the January - March Book-It page will have a goal of 21 books! :)


Monday: Library*

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Gym (rotates each week)

Thursday: Art

*Please note that your child can NOT check out a new book unless the book is returned on our library day on Monday. If you send it in late, then he/she has to wait until the next Monday to check out another book.

Reading Holiday Books at Home

If you don't have time to sit down and read a holiday book with your child, there is a document on my website that you can download (and print, if you want) for your child to use. Just scan the QR code for the book they want to hear and it links him/her to the book being read aloud. I will attach the file to the email as well.

Just go to our class website: http://juliabutz.wix.com/mykclass#!parents-corner

Download the file in the Materials for Practice at Home section called QRCodeHolidayBooks. Scan away and enjoy the stories.


*Dismissal is at 3:50pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

*Every Wednesday is an Early Release Day. We dismiss at 3:20pm.