Freak the Mighty


Title of Book

Kevin is different because he is called freak. This is not right because really he is just a normal kid beside his appearance. Max is called a freak to because he is really big. The kids say that he is stupid but really he is smart but he is just shy of talking in front of other people."Killer Kane! Killer Kane!Had a kid who got no brain!"

Conflict and Outcome - Man vs. society

They judged Max because his father killed his mother and was in jail. They judged Kevin by calling him a freak because he was extremely small. Kevin died very early. Max was left with no other friends. They were chased by Tony D. and his gang.

Character's remarks and actions

The kids had just called Max stupid but really he was just shy to talk to a large crowd. When Kevin saw Tony D. stuff the purse down the storm drain. Kevin then got Max to come with him and get the purse and return it. When they returned the purse they were not thanked at all, they were just harrased. The others said killer Kane had a son who had no brain.

Contrasts between characters

Max is extremely big and Kevin is very small. Kevin is smart and Max is not very smart. Kevin has to ride on the shoulders of Max. When they did this they became Freak the mighty and without that the story would be nothing like it is.