Principal Praises

October 2018

New Bridge ~ Ensuring all students achieve academic excellence through relevant learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math!

To our New Bridge Family,

I want to give a huge thank you to all our staff, parents, and community who have contributed to a great start to a new school year. Your commitment to our New Bridge scholars has been overwhelming, and believe me, it makes a difference! As we enter our first interim testing session, we recognize how critical each and every minute of instruction is. Our teachers are diligent in their planning and lesson delivery, and we thank our parents for making arrangements to have students at school, every day, and on time. We invite and encourage all parents to participate in parent/teacher conferences coming this week, to join our fabulous PTA, to join the quarterly Parent STEM classes being offered by our STEM coach, Shawnee Robinson, and to visit your child's class during their STEM Family Days. As partners in our students' education, together we are providing great opportunities for their success and growth! Please enjoy just a few of the highlights from the past month.

Principal Bukey

Nim's Island Family Literacy Night

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We owe a HUGE ThAnK YoU to Jessica Smith, one of our library clerks, and Rana Hughes and all others involved for organizing and putting on an incredible literacy night for our Knights! Students received the book, Nim's Island, before the summer break to read with their families in preparation for this event. We were able to Skype with the author (all the way from Australia), and participate in several learning and activity stations, including rope tying, making a map, trying out a little pineapple & coconut, first aid, learning about volcanoes, and visiting various animals brought to us by the Aquarium. Hundreds of students and parents came, and they left having had a marvelous experience and with a gift coupon for frozen yogurt! (Thanks to our local Menchies for sponsoring us!)

Knights Bingo Winners!

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New Bridge Knights have PRIDE! They are: Prepared, Respectful, In Control, Determined, and Exceptional!

Students have multiple opportunities every day to receive "PRIDE" tickets for displaying positive behaviors and following school rules. Their tickets go into daily classroom and school-wide drawings. When their name is drawn in the school-wide drawing, they come to the office, receive a prize, sign our celebrity book, pick up their "positive note home" and then get their name up on our BINGO 100 board. The first two rows to receive a bingo then get to have Pizza with the Principal! We love celebrating our students' positive behaviors. A special thanks goes out to our school counselor, Mrs. Welch, and her peer leaders for helping us organize this! Here are our Bingo winners and their teachers' names for our first celebration:

Luis - Docksey

Kamon - Ambruster

Adison - Gerber

Jagger - Palmer

Sam - Wood

Deven - Goodsell

Destinee - Worthington

Tyler - Clark PM

Hazel - Laudato

Angel - Rodgers

Olivia - Johnson

Delilah - Palmer

Ashley - Goodsell

Issac - Wood

Miguel - Johnson

Marilyn - Witkowski

Honesty - Witkowski

Boston - Castle

Alonna - Palmer


Each month, teachers have the pleasure of recognizing their "students of the month." Students are chosen in three categories:

Scholarship - "Students are taking ownership for their learning."

Leadership - "Students are working cooperatively to achieve goals, respect themselves and others, inspire and motivate their peers and promote a culture of school pride and belonging."

Moral Excellence - "Students are being good, honest, respectful, courageous, and kind. They do the right thing, even when no one is looking."

We are proud of our students who try every day to do their best and to become scholars, accountable for their behaviors, learning, and choices.

2nd Grade Students of the Month

We are proud of all our chosen students for September!

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Kinder PUSH - PULL STEM Activity

Kinders investigated the concepts of physical and potential energy in this STEM activity by the Discovery Gateway Museum.
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1st Grade Family STEM Day - Spaghetti Tower Challenge

First grade holds its first Family STEM Day. The challenge? To construct a tower as high as possible using only spaghetti and masking tape. The marshmallow should be placed on the top of the tower. The tallest tower still standing unassisted wins. Thank you to all the parents who came and participated with our little darlings. You can look forward to more Family STEM Days to come!

1st Graders Passing off Math Lessons!

I recently witnessed Mrs. Namovicz's classroom of 1st graders passing off their iReady Math lessons, left and right! These mathematicians were working hard to earn a PRIDE ticket from me if they passed with 100%. Here are just a few of them who did just that on this particular day. Way to go scholars!
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3rd Grade PLTW

Mr. Palmer's scientists built gliders and then investigated which gliders could fly the best. Students determined how much thrust, weight, and what wing type would make a glider fly the farthest. Then they took the data and entered it into a graph so they could easily interpret the data they collected. This activity combined math, stem, and science as they tried to discover why and how things fly. Each student was asked to video one of their tests and post it to their online journal. If you see a third grader, ask what they did to make their glider fly the farthest.

4th Grade Project Lead the Way

What is Project Lead the Way? You may hear your child referring to what they did in "PLTW" today. Project Lead The Way is a curriculum and teaching approach that provides transformative learning experiences for our students and teachers. It creates an engaging, hands-on classroom environment and empowers students to develop in-demand knowledge and skills they need to thrive. It also provide teachers with the training, resources, and support they need to engage students in real-world learning.
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4th Family STEM Day - Visit from Dairy Council

Fourth graders learned about how dairy farms work and took a virtual tour with a farmer. They also made fresh butter and made observations about how liquid cream changes into solid butter!
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5th Grade Book Project Family Event

Each 5th grade student read a book and prepared a presentation from a menu of choices to share at their Family Event. Families came and roamed the 5th grade wing as they listened to students share what they learned from their books. From the Titanic to the Wimpy Kid series, books were presented in a variety of fun ways. Thank you, 5th grade teachers, for promoting literacy in and out of the classroom!
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5th Grade Investigates Chemical Changes
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6th Grade EDL (Entry, Descent, and Landing) Landers

Sixth grade students designed and built containers to reduce the impact of the force of gravity on an egg when dropped from the rooftop of the school (thanks to Mr. Docksey's non-fear of heights). Students made and tested their predictions based on a number of variables that would affect the outcome of the egg drop. They also compared the effects of different materials, shapes, and forces on the strength and stability of their built structures.
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Summer OverDrive Reading Challenge Winner!

The summer OverDrive Reading Challenge Winner from New Bridge was Chloe Harrison, a 6th grader. Chloe received a medal from our district librarian, Amy Jamison, at our recent assembly. Way to go Chloe and all students who read, read, read!!

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Watercraft STEM Challenge

Here are just a few of our students who participated in the September STEM take-home challenge. The task? To design & build a boat that could hold 25 pennies for at least ten seconds before sinking! The students who participated in our September challenge received recognition at our recent awards assembly along with a "brag tag" to hang from their backpacks. We are teaching scientists, mathematicians and engineers! We hope we'll have twice as many students participating in the Punkin' Chunkin' Catapult challenge due October 30!

Here are those who submitted for the September Watercraft STEM challenge:

Kinder: Esther, Jimena, Edmond, Brett, William, Bently, Holly, Scarlet, Henrietta, Collin, Eryka, Lorenzo, Joanna, Alicen, Jackson, Penny, Maura, Sophia, Jared, Adryk

1st Grade: Mercer, Canon, Jack, Harrison, Ashley, Violet, Aiden, Daliah

2nd Grade: London, Eduardo, Alexis, Everette, Maggie

3rd Grade: Lizzie, Acelun, Hudson, Baylor, Allison, Arthur, Raven-Alexandra, Carson, Audrina, Reece, Tianna, Ty, Jagger, Dominik, Benjamin

4th Grade: Darla, Noemi, Shelah, Barbara, Melanie, Lauren, Ryan, Levi

5th Grade: Daniela, Armoni, Izzik, Jacqueline, Mykah, Ryder, Judson

6th Grade: Keira, Kaitlyn, Kinsey, Mallory

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Parent STEM Training!!

Please join us on the following days for Parent STEM training. Each quarter a class will be held in one of the STEM areas (science, technology, engineering, math). Thank you Ms. Robinson, our STEM coach, for preparing this awesome opportunity for our parents!
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(Please refer to NBS calendar by clicking here)

Monday, Oct 8

  • CIA I testing begins Oct 8-17
  • PTA Board Meeting 8:30

Wednesday, Oct 10

  • Minimum Day - Dismissal 1:00
  • Nat'l Walk to School Day!
  • Scholastic Book Fair Opens
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences by Appt

Thursday, Oct 11

  • Minimum Day - Dismissal 1:00
  • Grandparent's/Special Guest Lunch & Visit Book Fair
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences by Appt

Friday, Oct 12

  • Minimum Day - Dismissal 1:00
  • Grandparent's/Special Guest Lunch & Visit Book Fair
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences by Appt

Tuesday, Oct 16

  • Parent STEM Workshop, 10:00 - Science-Hands-on Chemistry

Wednesday, Oct 17

  • Minimum Day - Dismissal 1:00
  • Teachers Deep Data Dive

Thursday-Friday, Oct 18-19 Fall Break

Monday, Oct 22

  • Red Ribbon Week
Tuesday, Oct 23

  • Picture make-ups

Wednesday, Oct 24

  • Reflections Contest Entries Due
  • Food Pantry 1:15
Thursday, Oct 25
  • Judging for Reflections
  • 4th Grade STEM Family Day 1:30
Friday, Oct 26

  • Quarter End - Dismissal 1:00
  • Community Council 1:15
Tuesday, Oct 30
  • October STEM Challenge Due, "Punkin' Chunkin' Catapult"
Wednesday, Oct 31
  • Costume Parade 8:15 Multi-purpose Room
  • 6th Grade Author Visit: Paul Ramisch 1:00
  • 1st Grade STEM Family Day 1:45
  • Grade Level Fall Celebrations (TBD)
Thursday, Nov 1
  • Teacher Professional Development Day
Friday, Nov 2
  • STEM Impromptu Challenge 6th Grade 11:30-12:30, 5th Grade 1:00-2:00
Friday, Nov 9
  • Community Council
Monday, Nov 12
  • Veteran's Day Assembly 1:15
Thursday, Nov 15
  • Food Pantry
Monday, Nov 19-23 NO SCHOOL