Different causes and effects for certian type


First, on earth there are different types of weather like blizzard/snowstorm. A blizzard is a storm with strong, cold wind. During a blizzard, a lot of snow is blown around in the air, making it hard to see.The wind can also blow the snow into large piles called drifts. during a blizzard there is a lot of snow. The national weather service of the United states define a blizzard as a storm with considerble falling or blowing of snow and wind of 35 miles.


The thunderstorm is a storm that produces lightning and thunder. some thunderstorms also may make hail strong wind and tornadoes. thunder can bring heavy rain and floods. a thunderstorm happen when warm moist air rices. some thunderstorm form alone while other thunderstorm form alone line.


then, on earth there are different causes and effects for certain types of weather like a hurricane. a hurricane is a storm that form over the ocean.the wind of a hurricane sprires a calm in it sente. in the us the wind of a hurricane cause destrction in are as hear in the a altanic, golf of mexico. when a hurricane move over land strong wind and heavy rain in't the land for seral of hours.

In conclusion

In conclusion, on earth there are different cause and effcts for certian types of weather like blizzard, thunderstorm, hurricanes.