The Weekly Knot

Issue 5: What is next?

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Building Leadership & Community

Content Area and Committee Work

  • There will be paid leadership opportunities as well as committees to facilitate and promote learning.
  • Please share ideas for committees to support our three school-wide areas of focus.
  • Also begin to think about individual content areas you would like leadership opportunities to attend meetings outside of the building and then align/present findings to the staff.

The above is meant to build leadership capacity on staff and promote collegial learning.

A suggested list will be coming soon.

ESOL Tip of the Week

Each week the ESOL team will provide tips and strategies for meeting the needs of English Language Learners (ELLs). This week our focus is on oral language development. Research shows that oral language proficiency is closely connected to literacy development. It is important to provide ELLs with direct oral language instruction, along with time for them to practice their oral language skills with their peers. Read the article "Oral Language Development and ELLs: 5 Challenges and Solutions" by Lindsey Moses Guccione to learn more!


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