Digital Citizenship

Hour3 Cunningham Shakir


If someone online bullies you or harasses you don't respond or block.Be careful of what to share and post online do not encourage or not participate just to be cool and try to fit not feed cyberbully by commenting and insulting or harrising posts treat others with respect.

Online Safety

Do not tell special information to strangers like your address social security numbers credit card number and more.Do not share photos of your self or family to online strangers they make a fake Facebook online and black mail secret pics online.

If a stranger talks to and asks for photos or information that is secret report to your parents or cops.

Information Literacy and Scams

if you make sure that your information is accurate is if the website is up to date.If want to see is if it does't have any typos and if the information sounds based. if the website is organized and provided by and credible person.if the words are persuasive and very well not use information that is not up to date check the date.

responsible use

if you want to use information on the internet you're gonna wanna use a small amount of the words so its not plagiarism.your gonna wanna use in it a different way by changing the words up.Do not (make money) from the information.