Austin Grover

Ceramics 1

Running block

I created this peiace of art because i really love running track. I also was inspired to do this becasue my track season had just ended and i wanted to remember it in a way. While I was macking this pieace a challenge was i had was keeping the pieace from caving in. To prevent this i simpley added a thin coil on the inside to reambcace the sides. I would probbly change the glaze. Then I would the control of how the pieace came out and i would have bigger verity of colors.

The coil Pot

I created the pieace because somthing told me to make this way. i dont really know what it was but I think it had somthing to do with the reuqirment of making a pot and thinking about how their is no way out this. I had problems with my pot falling apart with coil. To fix this I decided to do extra score and scraching on my pieace more than usual. If i could change anything i would change the shape. makcking the shape more curvey and I would also like to make it asymetical.

Jhon dewseese pottery

THeir looks to be cracks in the pot. It has a very unique handle and the handle looks to bbe made out of wood or metal. She uses dark color in her pieace. The elemnts that dominate this this pieace of artwork is the dark colors along with the weird shadowing in the background. Also the handle is very unique and full of detail like a brach or somthing. This artwork is good because it sticks witha certain theme. one of a dark and wooded forest theme. They use dark colors cracks and intresting handle to represend this. The base it sits on is very intresting as well. The feeling of this is dark and mysterious untouched and corrupted in a way.

Art critique of emma mariee coldwalader-guild sculpture

What I see in this pieace is a man with is hands tied behind his back. he is also looking down with his head. This man is quite big a strong and has very little clothes on. The art work is arranged where the man is standing on a platfform hands tied behind him to a post looking down. This author was probbly from the roman and greek times. He feels like he is trapped and theirs no way out. Pluse thier is greaviance and sadness in the pieace. This art pieace is succesful because if the aritst is trying to demonstare sadness than this pieace art very sucsessful.