The One and Only Ivan

By: Katherine Applegate


The problem in The One and Only Ivan is that after Stella died she told Ivan to make sure that Ruby gets in to a zoo, and lives a happy life. There for Ivan was up for the challenge.


The way Ivan solved his problem is how he got some paint and he painted a huge picture to go on a billboard. One of the workers daughters realized that she should put the painting on a real billboard. After she did that people started to see what some people do to the poor animals and felt bad, they wanted to make a change... and they did, a couple days later a person who is from the zoo was there to give them a happy life,and take them too a zoo. Once they were in the zoo Ivan climbed a tree and was able to see that Ruby is happy playing with other elephants, and that Ivan has done what he needs to do and now hewill just play and live a happy life!!!!

Meet the Characters


I thought this book was phenomenal. This author really puts a great picture in my mind. Also this book has so much to learn from, it can teach people that animals have feelings too, and that you should take good care of them. Also don't forget how the book will have you hooked and reading for hours. The emotions are so crazy happy, sad, exited, you just never know with this book, and that's why I love this book!!!