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Turn in dates!

You must turn in your device, before or during your designated day. Any devices that are not turned in will be remotely locked so they cannot be used. You will receive an invoice for the full replacement cost if you do not turn in your device. Police reports will be filed for stolen devices.

MacBook must be signed out!!

  • Student must log out of iCloud under System Preferences, iCloud
  • Student must deauthorize iTunes if you are logged in under iTunes, Account menu, Authorizations, Deauthorize this device.

Complete the steps below before you come to the media center to turn in your device

  1. All personal items must be removed from the sleeve & pouch such as name tag, pencils etc. Personal covers, skins etc. must also be removed from the MacBook.
    • Leave the Litchfield Public School Asset tag on the device (T9xxxx).
  2. You must deauthorize iTunes under iTunes, Account menu, Authorizations, Deauthorize this device.
    1. If you have access to iCloud you must log out of iCloud under System Preferences, iCloud
  3. If you have files you want to save, upload them to Google account. Please read through instructions labelled “Saving Files From Your MacBook”.

Devices will be inspected, cleaned, erased, and inventoried during your collection time. Fines, if warranted, will be billed to your Campus Portal account.

For more information see the newsletter below. For information on the new devices for next year, click here:

Steps that will occur on turn in day:

  • Device pre-inspection (has case been removed etc), Carrying Case/Sleeve and pouch inspection (all personal items removed)
  • Laptop will be erased (you should have previously removed/saved personal data)
  • Sleeve and cords will be collected from you (placed in box)
  • Device will be scanned (to check-in) and collected from you
  • Device will receive final inspection from IT
  • Charges, if any, will show up in Campus Portal

Save you data!!

Do you have files or pictures on your laptop you want to save? Now is the time to start transferring anything you have saved on the MacBook hard drive to an external source like a USB key or Google Drive.

Please read through instructions on “Saving Files From Your MacBook” to keep your files safe. Your Google accounts will NOT be reset (unless you are a Senior), so you don’t have to worry about that.

Seniors, we do delete your Google account. Please read through instructions labelled for seniors “Saving Files From Your MacBook” .

Asset Tags (T9xxxx) must remain on the device.

MacBook cases, skins and stickers must be removed by you.

Items below need to be returned:

Devices will be inspected!

Devices will be inspected and you will be charged for lost or damaged items. Administration will determine if a prorated fee will be charged. All fees must be paid before we issue new devices in the fall. Seniors, all fees will be paid before you graduate.

Devices will be sold!

This summer your MacBooks will be erased and sold to a company. The devices are being sold as a large quantity bid and cannot be purchased individually. We hope to get top dollar for your device and will provide a new MacBook next year.

Do you have questions?

If you have questions, please stop in and talk to your Media Center specialist in your building or Technicians Jean Halbur & Carianne Crusoe. You may also email Jennifer Ridgeway,

If you need assistance saving data you may also reach out to Darin Swenson,