Help Protect Our Water

No Drugs Down the Drain, Please!


When we flush unused medication or put it down the drains, it can end up in our waterways and pollute the environment. You can help by following the directions and disposing of your unused medication properly.


We are trying to reduce the impact of medications being disposed of down our drains. We have partnered with Salem City to help our community properly dispose of unused medication. There are areas in our community where we the residents can safely and environmentally dispose of old medications.

Permanent drop-off sites are now available at the following locations:

Salem Police Dept.

111 South Main St.

Salem Hills Pharmacy

129 North 645 East

Salem Post Office

680 West SR 198

Salem Drug Disposal Commission

We are a non profit organization here in Salem, made up of concerned citizens who want to teach and educate about the dangers of improper disposal of medications.