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Colombia is a country full of traditions, colours and festivities. A country with colorful carnivals, with deep religious traditions. With such diversity and lots of History, it is tough to not fall in love with this beautiful country.

SHAPE COLOMBIA project is the biggest educational project in the whole AIESEC network. It is the most sought after internship with 200 interns, who believe that Education can change the world, coming together from all over the world, to shape Education in Columbia.

Why Shape Colombia?


Colombia works together with Secretaría de Educación del Distrito (SED Bogotá) to run and operate the AULAS DE INMERSIÓN project, an initiative derived from the Local Development Plan of the city which aims to broaden the perspectives and opportunities of the youth, mainly by offering innovative, diverse and wider options of education.

The project has reached out to more than 80,000 children and teenagers of the city, who have been privileged to receive a quality education and a cultural experience that broadens their horizons from within their classrooms.

Shape Colombia Project

Details regarding the project


1st February, 2016 to 1st June, 2016.


Previous experience in teaching or any other field that can aligned with the project's scope of impact.

Willingness to be a part of a social project and work with children to the best of his/her abilities to create an impact.

A high level of the language he/she will be teaching. (This proof can be by the experience, academic training, or test results like ILETS or CAE)


Around $700 USD


AIESEC will pay for first 10 days of accommodation, and will find a place for the rest of the internship.


AIESEC in Colombia will provide a USD$240 approx. ($600.000 Cop) ALLOWANCE FOR TRAVEL EXPENSES (travel tickets or international travel insurance) Payment will be done in COP (Colombian Pesos) divided in two installments: first one with the first stipend and second one on the last stipend.


Application link :

Application Deadline : 9th December, 2015

Some Legal Information

The trainee needs to have in physical as well as scanned PDF Files of the following documents:

Student Acceptance Note(Signed).

(approved and stamped by Local Office)

CV with Photo. A scanned copy of the data page of the passport AND Acknowledgement Letter(Signed).

A scanned copy of your last Colombian Visa and entry stamp (if applies).

Picture for the EP VISA (Size 3x4cm, recent, white background)

Filling OUT THE LEGALITY WebForm AND ATTACHING these documents and/OR some additional information required for legal procedures.

The matching process will be completed as soon as the EP fulfills all the legal requirements and applies on EXPA.

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