Scientific Revolution

Amber S. 2nd

What was the Change?

It changed our society today because now we know the planets revolve around the sun, the moon and stars are made of pure, perfect substances, and we can use the telescope and many other things like that. If it wasn't for these intelligent people who told us about things like this, we wouldn't know about.

Who were the people associated with the change?

Nicolaus Copernicus found out that the planets revolve around the sun

Johannes Kepler mathematically portrayed Copernicus's theory to be correct.

Galileo Galilei showed that the moon and stars are made of a pure, perfect substance.

Isaac Newton developed theories of gravity.

Epic Rap Battles : Galileo vs. Isaac Newton vs. Copernicus


He came up with conclusion that all physical objects were affected equally by the same forces and the universe is like a clock. He also came up with some gravity theories like Newton's laws of motion! He also developed Calculus to prove his facts.

(all four of these scientists contributed to the scientific method which is a step by step procedure on how to solve a question/experiment).

How did the change impact society at the time?

As more theories and inventions came about, even more theories came about those theories and more observations!

Poem about the Scientific Revolution [credit to:]:

"Back along the ages, all scientists alike

Trusted Aristotle and the Bible, no matter what seemed right.

Then came the Revolution, driven by the thought,

that observations are the key, not what they'd been taught.

Copernicus was a great revolutionary of his time

The idea of heliocentricity, this man, he did find

Kepler was perhaps more important than the first,

planetary orbits and scientific method are the profits of his thirst.

Then along came Galileo, the greatest one of all.

Pendumlums, gravity, and telescopes were his strongest call.

But when the church threatened him with torture and with death,

he retired to the country, so if his mind we'll never know the breadth..."

How is that evidence in today's modern society?

Because new theories and inventions were made that we still use today. For example, we use microscopes, telescopes, barometers, and other inventions that they invented we still use!