The man from the other side

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  1. Marek
  2. his mother
  3. his step father
  4. his uncle
  5. Antony
  6. Pan Krol
  7. German solders
  8. The Priest


The main setting of the story was Outside the Warsaw ghetto and in the sewers of the Warsaw ghetto.


Marek Experiences the Warsaw ghetto During the holocaust and Marek gets confused and decides to help his step father to smuggle guns and food threw the sewer to sell in the getto.


I feel it is man verse society because Marek and his step fathers acts are against the law but for a good cause they help the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto.

The Holocaust

The Holocaust was the darkest point in human history over six million jews where killed there also many others that died like gypsies,criminals and jehovah witness. And the people who weren't killed where put to work and got to eat very little and later on a lot of them died of starvation and disease.
Warsaw Ghetto: A survivor's tale


The theme would be help those that are in need.
Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Daily Life in the Warsaw Ghetto - Israel Gutman