Czech Republic

Relations and soroundings

was The name of my country is Czech Republic. The country joined the EU in 2004 there for it was not a founding country of the EU. Czech Republic was Czechoslovakia until they split apart. Czech Republic is sorounded by Austria Germany Poland and Slovakia.

Czech Republic physical features government and money

The Czech Republic has a republic government. The people use CZK or czechkoruna for money this money is up to a $1000 bill. The physical features for Czech Republic is mostly made up of mountains.

Tourism and interesting facts

Some of the main reason for people to visit the country is to see archbishop chateau in kromeriz It has a greate garden. One interesting fact about Czech Republic is a land locked country. Second it is almost completely sorounded by mountains. Finally they have the second highest death in the EU for cancer.

Flag and major countries

Capital of Czech republic is rague. Some major countries are Burono , Austria, Pilsen, and Olomouc. Their flag is exactly the same as the flag of Czechkorunas flag.
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