ABCDEFG, LSD is not a better me.

Lysergic acid diethylamide is known as LSD but is most commonly known as "acid". The drug is known for its psychological effects on the body. Some effects the drug can cause are spiritual experiences, altered thinking processes, or open or closed-eyed visuals.

There are many ways how and why a person develops an addiction to this drug. Most reasons a person becomes addicted is because most people take this drug because they think it will help them escape problems in their life, also they want to use it to hide from their problems. Another reason people develop an addiction to the drug is because they begin to use it so often that their body and mind begin to crave it because it is helping them cope with their problems. Usually only family members can detect an addiction to this drug because it is very hard to notice.

LSD can be sold in a solid pill, a capsule or a liquid form. When in its liquid form, it is on a piece of paper that you set on your tongue until the piece dissolves and the drug is absorbed. The things you experience while on this drug is called going on a "trip".

LSD is a Hallucinogen which makes you hallucinate and see things that are not really there or that are not even real.

Interesting facts about LSD:

1. In the 1960's it was thought that it would be a treatment to children's autism

2. The drug was found in Switzerland

3. It became illegal in 1966


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