Smore Project

By: Chloe Lopez

Noun Phrase

A noun phrase is a group of words put together with a noun.

Verb Phrase

A verb phrase is a phrase that has an action/verb in the sentence.

English Articles

Articles help define nouns, one example is "a". ex- A girl took a picture. Another one is "an". ex- An article was made about a bank robbery. Last of all "the". ex- The girl took an picture. Those were all of the articles in the ENGLISH language.

ps. there are more in other languages

Why is "I" A Pronoun

"I" is a pronoun because pronouns replace nouns. So if you too lazy to spell a name, place, person, or thing, then you could replace that noun with she, he, I, it, me, etc. So it would go like this: Jenny put the pizza in the oven. VS. She put the pizza in the oven. VS. I put the pizza in the oven. So yes "I" is a pronoun because of this whole paragraph.

Difference between Linking Verbs and Action Verbs

Linking Verbs link the action verb to the other words/sentence. Action Verbs tell what is going on or what's happening or what something is doing. That is the difference between the two.