Exos and Armor

Protection for the world.

About the Company

As the CEO I Dylan Franklin have done all I can to make this company and economic superpower. Now that Exos and Armor has gone global we now have 96 of the 193 nations in the United Nations funding us and soon 97. We are based in the U.S.A in a facility that I can not give out in case of an attack but we have the Nations know the location. We not only bring the products but a sense of nationalism to a nation

The history of Exos and Armor

The idea started back in the early 1930's when the military wanted to make soldiers stronger and faster quicker so along with the atomic bomb they were working on a wearable robot. There were some problems the suit was to bulky, heavy, slow and the technology was not advanced so the project was closed, until 2014 it was rebooted.

Soon after the reboot we had descendants of Henry Clay, James Monroe, and more working in and Industrial Revolution type assembly line.

The Products

Here we produce exosuit to enhance or aid soldiers and armor for better protection on and off the battlefield. If someone has lost a limb we can aid with cybernetic limbs and for people who can walk we offer a hydraulic walking device for them to walk.


Here is my least favorite prat of my job, telling you the price. Now you might think "Wow a new high-tech exosuit might cost $1,500,000". But it cost a fraction of that only $500,000 each or 10 for a 15% discount, 30% if you buy 100!


. Can make you 8-10 times stronger

. can make you 3-5 faster

.uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery with solar charging capabilities


If the Exo breaks, send us the broken part and we will send a factory made new part to you. "If you can trust someone trust in me, trust in Exos and Armor".

Exo and Armor expo

Friday, Jan. 2nd 2026 at 10am to Saturday, Jan. 24th 2026 at 9pm

Times Square, New York, NY, United States


Come and see the new Exos and Armors also set up a stand a Dylan Franklin The CEO might have you come work or pated you idea to Exos an Armor.
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