6th Grade Science Weekly

Mrs. Farley, Mrs. Goucher and Mrs. Loftin

This Week In Science 08/22-08/26

Our Scientists will be preparing for our year in 6th grade science. We will start the measurement part of out until. Remember lesson plans can be found on Edmodo and at the bottom of the newsletter.

Upcoming Events

  • Make sure you bring ALL your supplies the 1st day of school
  • Bring composition notebook by Tuesday August 23rd
  • Lab Practical Wed/Thurs August 31st-Sept 1st
  • No School September 5th

Contact Information

Any questions or concerns please email your students Science Teacher at

Mrs. Farley at farleyr@lisd.net

Mrs. Goucher at goucherc@lisd.net

Mrs. Loftin at loftina@lisd.net

Ask your Scientist

What are you looking forward to about Middle School Science?

Lesson Plans

MONDAY- Getting to Know the Science Classroom

Homework-bring composition notebook; sign class syllabus

TUESDAY- Put together journal

Homework- none

WEDNESDAY- Finish journal; log into edmodo

Homework- finish journal cover


Homework- Volume practice

FRIDAY- Mass/Length

Homework- Mass/length practice