Growth Mindset

Bridging Growth Mindset, Self-Regulation and Perseverance in Mathematics

Our team has been researching ways to support our professional learning in the area of Growth Mindset. Applying these principles in education is a relatively new concept and as such, experts in this field are limited. Carol S. Dweck, and Mary Cay Ricci, leading researchers in the psychology of Mindset, are two of the academics who have inspired us to pursue this project.

One of the tools to improve perseverance is gaming. This has encouraged us to find games that target changes in Mindset. Thinkfun has a variety of games which challenge students minds, build perseverance and encourage problem solving through play. Our developing hypothesis is that by implementing this type of game play in our classrooms, we will discover that logic games are an effective method of fostering Growth Mindset in our students.

We anticipate that gaming tools for our project will enable us to:

  • Explore ways mindsets and motivation can help teach math, science and technology
  • Apply strategies to increase scientific thinking, reasoning and problem solving strengthening academic persistence
  • Achieve classroom goals by using effort, mistakes and failure to improve learning
  • Apply mindsets research to change student attitudes, goals and achievement

We are very excited about the prospect of sharing our learning gained through these resources with our colleagues.