Weekly Reminders

Week 7 Term 1 2021

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Kindy Enrolments for 2022 - do you have a child starting Kindy next year?

Kindy interviews for children born between 1/7/2017 and 30/6/2018 - ie turning 4 before the 30th June 2022 are being held early in Term 2 2021.

Please ensure that you have completed an enrolment form asap as we are currently organising interview dates and times.

You will receive an email from the Office with a link to School Interviews to book a date and time. These will open on Friday of next week.

The Leadership Team will be sharing running these interviews over a period of approximately two weeks early in Term 2 and will involve both new families and exisiting families.

Kindy enrolments are an exciting time for our school - we love to meet new families and touch base with our existing families!

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From the Principal

Hi everyone and I hope your week was an especially good one!

Family Picnic - thank you and well done!

A huge thank you to the P&F, their partners, kids and friends on all their hard work; for the goodwill and generosity of our staff and for the wonderful community spirit of St Emilie's families, at our Family Picnic last Friday - it was a relaxed and enjoyable evening for everyone. We hope all those who attended left feeling positive, uplifted, grateful and happy as we certainly have much to celebrate as a community! Many thanks to all those who made a special effort to thank the workers and to let me know that they appreciated everyone's efforts. Above is Sajith, one of our Year Six students from last year. He is really enjoying his new high school experience (especially the sport!) and while he misses St Em's he is looking forward to all that the year ahead holds. It was great to see so many older siblings pop over to have a chat with staff and tell us how they are going - very special!

International Women's Day

Monday was International Women's Day and an opportune time to pause and reflect upon what we as parents and educators want for all our children, but particularly our girls, who are still met with discrimination and injustice in many parts of our society.

May we continue to play our part - modelling in schools and in families, wisely empowering, supporting our girls to learn to challenge when needed, and helping them to love and respect themselves just as they are. Likewise, may we continue to educate and model to our boys what respectful relationships look and sound like, as they make their way through life. In this way we build better, safer and more life-giving schools, families, workplaces and communities for all.

Two-Way Parent Meetings

It is hoped that your Two-Way Meetings (offered this week and next week) are helpful in giving you are clearer picture of your child's strengths, challenges and current progress. For some of you the conversation may require more emphasis on your child's application and attitude, for others it may be about the development of important social skills or work habits, while for other children the teacher may communicate academic areas the child is receiving support or enrichment in.

No matter how the conversation proceeds, please bring your best attitude to the table and remember that a little genuine encouragement and appreciation towards your teacher goes a long way!

Interschool Swimming

Thank you to those staff members and families who have been supporting the students who qualified for the interschool swimming squad. Your presence at trainings early in the morning is very much appreciated and we look forward to an enjoyable carnival on Tuesday, 23rd March at : AquaLife, 99 Shepperton Road, Victoria Park.

The Power of Word of Mouth

As you will be aware, there are a few K-12 schools popping up in our local area. One of the things the School Advisory Council (previously known as the School Board) and leadership have to keep an eye on, is the potential for shifting enrolment patterns in the future. Word of mouth is consistently cited by new families as the way that they became aware of our school. St Emilie's is highly regarded in the community and has an excellent reputation for quality teaching, safe-school practices, a large pastoral-care umbrella and a family-friendly environment. All families are asked to continue telling friends and family about our school and what it offers, as maintaining our strong enrolment numbers is important.

Open Night

As you may be aware, each year we hold a whole school Open Night at the end of Term 1 and at the end of Term 3. Unfortunately, because we are still dealing with Phase 4 COVID restrictions (the 2 square metre rule indoors still applies) we are unable to hold the Open Night as per usual.

We are therefore creating a virtual Open Night - using SeeSaw to share some of your child's learning opportunities and an app to view displayed work around the classroom. We provided this wonderful opportunity last year also, and teachers gave much time and effort to sharing some of the learning with families. While teachers and students did a really fantastic job getting this together, disappointingly, a number of families simply didn't engage or access the links. Please make the time to sit with your child, to talk to them about their learning, to encourage them and especially praise them for with their EFFORT, PERSISTENCE, PATIENCE, PROGRESS and CAN DO ATTITUDE!

While we would all prefer to be together in classrooms and as a community, it is simply not possible at this time. In Week 9 your teacher will notify you and provide you with clear instructions in regard to accessing your child's work samples. Please take advantage of this opportunity. You are asked to also please appreciate that teachers go 'over and above' to create these experiences for you, so a simple 'thank you' is highly motivating for our hard working teachers!

Lent, prayer and family life ..

The Lenten prayer below is a good reminder that despite how very fortunate we are here in WA, life has been turned upside down and wreaked much heartache and pain for so many people during the pandemic. May we continue to offer our thoughts and prayers to those we will never meet but who belong to families just like ours and who hurt and worry, just like we do. Likewise, may this Lenten time cause us to pause in daily gratitude for the small acts of kindness, the gentle words of care and encouragement and the practical support we receive in our lives. Teaching our kids to pray and to be grateful are special gifts for their whole life.

Wishing you all a happy, restful, gentle weekend everyone - especially those of you who are experiencing a number of personal and family challenges. While we aren't always privy to what families are going through, our thoughts and prayers are never wasted when we offer them for others.

Take care everyone and see you next week!


Tania Thuijs


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What's Coming Up?

Week 7

Two Way Parent Teacher Interviews

Kindy Speech Screening

Interschool Swimming Training @ Riverton - Tue 16th and Thur 18th March

Year 6 Assembly

Gannon House Day

Week 8

Kindy/OT Screens

Celebrating Harmony Week

Interschool Swimming Carnival @ AquaLife Victoria Park (Year 4-6)

Board Meeting - TEAMS Mtg - Wed 24th March 6.00pm

Consent2Go form due

Year 6 Camp @ Woodman Point - Wed-Fri

Palm Sunday - 28th March


COVID and school - we are still in Phase 4

Parenting Ideas - Article

Parish Contact Details

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Consent2Go - a new way for families to supply family information, medical details and excursion forms

    You will have received an email from the Office reminding you to complete the required form from Consent 2Go.

    Please note that this is a very important task that we need EVERY FAMILY to complete by 26th March.
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Parent Meetings - by Phone or Face to Face - your engagement is valued!

We appreciate that connecting with your child's teacher in a Two-Way meeting situation can be challenging for some parents - whether it be because of your busy life, or because you may be concerned about an aspect of your child's progress. Please rest assured that teachers want to make the experience as positive and informative as possible.

As you will also appreciate, teachers have scheduled their availability times around their busy teaching day - before and after school and during their DOTT (duties without teaching) times to allow you as many convenient options as possible. You are therefore asked to please:

1. Be punctual

2. Be engaged

3. Be respectful - keep it positive!

4. Be appreciative

The quality of our conversations matter and a two-way dialogue relies on good speaking and listening skills, an open mind, and an open heart. While we will be sharing things primarily about your child's learning at this point in time, it is important that we are able to see this learning as 'a work in progress' and that we all have a part to play in their development as learners and as people.

Each week we will include a parenting article in this Weekly Reminders and you are urged to read it at your leisure. Investing in our parenting, is an investment in our child's wellbeing, learning and in their future!

Two Way Meetings - article on making the most of the experience!

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Thank you Year Fours for your great CLEAN UP AUSTRALIA wall display and assembly!

Last Friday our Year Four class treated us to a terrific assembly reminding us of the importance of caring for our local environment and to not be a LITTERBUG! We heard some facts, and some terrific poems along with a catchy song!

Last Friday classes were assigned various areas around our school to de-litter - bravo kids and let's take todays' CLEAN UP AUSTRALIA message - STEP US TO CLEAN UP out into our wider community and make a difference!

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Please find below the Parent Referral and Consent Form to access the School Social Worker.

You are asked to read the procedure carefully. Please also note that Kylie only works two days a week. While she will do her very best to accomodate all family referrals, patience may be required as she prioritises her case load and allows time for observation visits, classroom support and playground involvement.

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Are you interested in ordering some delicious HOT CROSS BUNS for Easter while also supporting our school?

Please use the attached order form- $8.00 per half dozen. Orders close Thursday 18th March.

KIndy Morning Teas

The P&F are holding an informal morning tea each Wednesday morning for the next three weeks as a way for Kindy parents to connect with each other.

It was lovely to see so many parents enjoying one another's company this week - and they did an EXCELLENT job of social distancing too!

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Science Photo Competition - Mrs Cogger

Atom Photography Competition

The theme for 2021 is Turbulence.

What is turbulence??

Turbulence: strong, uneven currents; state of confusion.

We have all experienced a period of disorder, but turbulence can also suggest growth. It is in the ocean waves and airstreams. It is the pulse of a movement, which means going places, shifting things or causing change.

Explore and capture ‘Turbulence’ on camera.

Be creative with your photography, and feel free to think outside the box when addressing the theme. Your photographs can be colour or black-and-white, realistic or abstract, they may include people or animals (or both, or neither).

Important details

You can enter up to 3 of your best photos only.

Your entry must include a short-written statement about how you have addressed the theme.

Follow the links on the ATOM website on how to enter your photo. You will need to create an account to upload your photo. Mrs Cogger cannot do it for you.


Prizes for winners of each of the five age-group categories include Ted’s Cameras gift vouchers valued at $500 for the two primary categories, $750 for the two secondary categories and $1000 for Open. Total prize pool: $3500.

Here is the direct link to create your account and upload your photos.


Entries close 23 April 2021. So, you'll have to start clicking away very soon!!

Good luck!

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Gannon Day Friday 19th March

On Friday 19th March, the students in Gannon House will be celebrating ‘Gannon Day’. Gannon students are to wear their Gannon shirt to school next Friday.

Below is a reminder of the charity items students have been asked to donate:

Year 1 – Toothbrush and toothpaste

Year 2 – small toy under $5

Year 3 – clothing eg, pair of socks, packet of underwear for a primary school aged child

Year 4 – stationery eg, packet of textas, colouring book

Year 5 – Shaving cream and shaver

Year 6 – toiletry item eg, bar of soap, shampoo, facecloth, body wash

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St Emilie's Mobile Phone (and digital devices) Policy

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Michael Grose - When Self-ishness is a strength - Parenting Blog

Relationships Australia - some great ONLINE Courses for Parents


When you have a moment please take a peek at some of the parenting courses available through Relationships Australia.

While these courses are generally not free, they are moderately priced, with excellent facilitators, and these particular courses are online (see below) and can be viewed at your leisure.

Any investment in our parenting is an investment in your family life and in your children's future.

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MSP Specialist Groups Photos

On photo day speciality group images were taken at our school.
These images can now be viewed and purchased at a unique website, which is DIFFERENT to where you order the portraits and class photos online.

1. To place your Order online simply go to https://mspphotography.shootproof.com/

2. Locate the Schools Name, then select the album titled: St Emilies CPS Specialist Groups - 2021
3. You will then be required to enter a password to view the Album. The password for this NCMENW21

4. Please ensure that you use your child’s name at the checkout

5. The images you are viewing are uncropped and will be cropped to fit to a 10x8 print (as per the first image in your gallery, a sample of layout & colour)

  • The online orders will be open until midnight on Tuesday, 23 March 2021 – for the Bulk Pricing Offer
  • The Bulk Pricing Offer is $20 per print and these will be delivered to the school BY CLASS GROUP
  • After the $20 pricing expires, the photos will remain available online, but the photos are now at a cost of $35 per image and delivered to a preferred address.

If you have any queries please contact MSP Photography on 9240 8000 or via email on ordering.perth@msp.com.au

Have you changed your class year level on Lunches Online?

A friendly reminder that parents need to change the year level your child is in from last year on Lunches Online so that lunches get delivered to the correct classroom.

Thanks everyone!

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A friendly reminder that we are asked to try to maintain physical distancing where possible and to use good personal hygiene to protect yourself and the general health of our community. Thank you for your ongoing goodwill and cooperation!

School Fee Information 2021

School Fee Statements have now gone home.

Many thanks to those families who have commenced payment and returned the Payment Schedule Slip.

A reminder that fees can be paid:

- upfront

- weekly, fortnightly, or monthly by direct debit


Please note that the Payment Schedule section on the fee account needs to be RETURNED for processing by the Bursar once you receive it.

It is very important to maintain regular contact with me if you are experiencing financial difficulty and need to adjust payments for a period of time.

Families with outstanding fees from last year will be contacted shortly to come up with a payment plan.

Thank you and wishing you a wonderful year ahead

Gillian Norris

School Bursar

Uniform Shop

Image Embroidery now services our school community's uniform requirements.

For all uniform queries, please contact a member of the Image Embroidery team (contact details below).

Their store is just 5 minutes from St Emilie's for 'try ons' or you can order uniforms via their online form.

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OSH Club is up and running for 2021 and provides a helpful service for St Emilie's families who may require short or long term childminding before and /or after school.

Below is a link to the OSH Handbook:


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St Norbert's Enrolment Information

Enrolments for Year 7 in 2023

We have commenced our enrolments for 2023. Application forms may be obtained by phoning the Enrolment Officer, Mrs Hughes on 9350 5433.

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Kindy Parent Workshop - post Speech and OT Screens

Wednesday 28th April

9.00am -10.00am

in the small school hall

This session will be run by the respective therapists and will inform parents of what the Speech and OT Screens involved and how to interpret the results. They will also emphasise the importance of early intervention and how you can be helping at home.

Please confirm your attendance via email to your child's teacher:



Looking forward to seeing you there!

God's Story: Palm Sunday
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Harmony Week next week!

Next week is HARMONY WEEK and a time for us as a school to focus on all that we gain from our culturally and linguistically diverse community!

Here at St Emilie's we support children to understand that 'harmony' relates to a celebration of the freedom of ideas and encouragement of mutual respect.

On Wednesday the 17th March children are invited to wear something orange (Harmony Day colour) or a traditional costume to celebrate Harmony Week. Class teachers will be including some educational activities throughout the week to promote shared understanding of the value of diversity and tolerance.

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Morning Tea for all Mums

All Mums are invited to a Mother's morning tea on Monday the 15th March in the small school hall. Young children are very welcome! This is another great opportunity for fellowship, relationship and companionship! Please bring a small plate of food to share.

Regards, Sonia Pinto (Kindy parent)

St Emilie's Parish

Office hours: 9:00am to 4:00pm, Tuesday and Thursday

Mail: PO Box 5184, Canning Vale South WA 6970

An appointment to see a priest is required.

Parish Priest: Fr. Jean-Noël Marie

Email: Jean-noel.marie@perthcatholic.org.au

Assistant Priest: Fr. Victor Manuel Lujano

Email: victor.lujano@perthcatholic.org.au

Office Assistant: Roselle D’Souza

Email: stemilie.office@iinet.net.au