Daniel Boone


"We were then in a dangerous, helpless situation, exposed daily to perils and death amongst savages and wild beasts, not a white man in the country but ourselves."

-Daniel Boone

General Description

The point of where Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky meet is called the Cumberland Gap is a place that Daniel Boone went through to traverse Kentucky . Daniel Boone (1734-1820) is a very well known American frontiersman who traversed Kentucky in 1767, settled there with his family, and went on many explorations over the next 30 years with many colleagues. He constantly came in conflict with natives as new settlers came through the Cumberland Gap and down Ohio River and the Wilderness Road. Eventually, Boone became known for building a new settlement area and the path there.

Important Events

  • In 1734, The birth of Daniel Boone on Oct 22, the sixth child of Squire and Sarah Morgan Boone in Philadelphia County (now Berks County), Pennsylvania.
  • In 1769, Boone blazed the first known trail from North Carolina into eastern Tennessee, on his way to Kentucky with five other men to hunt and explore.

  • In 1775, Daniel led the cutting of the Wilderness Trail from Tennessee to site of Fort Boonesborough along the Kentucky River.

  • In 1776, Daughter Jemima was captured by Indians with two other girls, Betsy and Fanny Callaway, and was rescued two days later, mainly through Daniel’s knowledge of the wilderness and his understanding of the ways of Indians.

  • In 1778, Daniel Boone was captured by Shawnee and adopted by Chief Blackfish. Boone escaped after five months with Shawnee.

  • In 1791, Daniel was elected for a third time to the Virginia legislature.

  • In 1795, After living a few years at or near Point Pleasant in present West Virginia, Daniel and his family returned to live in Kentucky.

  • In 1820, Daniel Boone died at the stone house of his son Nathan, near Defiance. The stone house still stands and is open to the public.


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Native Americans were very involved in Daniel Boone’s life, but not in a good way. The Native Americans attacked settlers/travelers during the American Revolution, and Daniel Boone interfere and defended the settlers and the Kentucky border. Also, throughout Boone’s adventures, even though the Native armies were disabled and they lost connections, they attacked multiple times causing a number of deaths and wounds. Later on, the Native Americans lost their power because of an invasion.

Throughout Daniel Boone’s adventures, he was related to many kidnappings by American Indians. The first couple of white women marked the first permanent settlement in Kentucky and were later captured by the Indians. Another time, when Boone and some others were walking down a hill, Indians attacked them and took their things and made them prisoners for 7 days.


When the United States issued the Louisiana Purchase, the title Daniel Boone had on his land was deemed invalid because it was the United States’ land. Also, an Indian army of 444 being lead by Captain Duquesne, 11 Frenchmen, and some chiefs, came to the fort Daniel Boone had and demanded him to surrender the fort.
Daniel Boone In America's Story (clip)
This video explains how the US got the 13 colonies and how Daniel Boone came to explore and traverse that land further to the west (such as the Cumberland Gap and Kentucky). It also explains how other people were involved in his traveling.


As Daniel Boone and 35 others went to Kentucky, they carved a trail which served as a road to transport on for settlers and their livestock. Livestock and seeds were brought by settlers who followed Daniel Boone through the Cumberland Gap which helped the U.S. to grow economically. Also, this allowed for a postal service to deliver mail across the U.S..

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This economical chart shows that quite a few people traveled westward into Tennessee and Kentucky. It is very possible that Daniel Boone made this possible because he helped people traverse the Cumberland Gap with his knowledge, stories, and more.

Important People in Daniel Boone's Life

Daniel Boone was the first person to be recognized in history as a traverser of Kentucky, even though many others had done it before him. Daniel Boone went back to Kentucky, but this time with his family. Boone’s daughter got kidnapped near the fort and he lead a group of 8 men and got the girls back; killing two Indians in the process. When he got kidnapped by the indians along with others, his wife thought he was dead because she had not heard from him so she took the family and moved to North Carolina with her father.

Manifest Destiny

Daniel Boone traversed Kentucky and was known as one of the most popular new settlers and frontiersmen. By going to Kentucky, he was moving west which is part of Manifest Destiny. Daniel Boone once said, "Heaven must be a Kentucky kind of place". I think he meant that going Kentucky (moving west) is a dreamed and destined place to go to like heaven is.

Manifest Destiny is a plan that the U.S. will stretch across North America and people believed that America was better than others that got in our way so we could just take, buy, or fight for the land and that God wanted it. When Daniel Boone moved to Kentucky, he marked it as a turning point in time where people started moving west which caused people to start moving and people still move today.

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Daniel Boone TV Show

There was a TV show about Daniel Boone and his adventures that aired from September 24th, 1964 to September 10th, 1970 with a total of 165 episodes and 6 seasons. This video is the theme song of the show that gives a description of how people thought of him.
Daniel Boone Theme Song 1964