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February 2013

This month's staff "Check it Out and Win!" winner is ... Bev Rudance. Bev wins a copy of Gretchen Rubin's, Happier at Home, the sequel to her New York Times bestseller, The Happiness Project. The first book is available in our library and is a favourite of several staff members.

Popular Author!

John Green is one of the most popular authors for young adult fiction. His books fly off our shelves. He writes in a very realistic "voice" that our students really appreciate. He has won several awards including the Michael L. Printz Award for excellence in Young Adult LIterature. Green also is a "Vlogger" with his brother Hank. You can check them out at the Vlog Brothers.

(photo source: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1406384.John_Green?auto_login_attempted=true)

Did you know...

Wikipedia has a citation feature!

On the left hand side of a Wikipedia page, scroll down to Toolbox, then select Cite this page. You will be provided with all of the bibliographical information you and your students need, in any style you like. It is one of those times where we are actually allowed to "cut and paste" from the internet!

Technology Input

We have received very few suggestions from staff regarding our Greening money and new technology. Please get your suggestions in to Rosalee, Lenora, or Jason as soon as possible.

The wifi is still in the Beta phase and has not been released for student use. Just a reminder that the staff password is for those of us who work in the building full time only. If you have a guest and they need to use the wifi, send them to me and I will connect them to the student/guest connection. This is important as we want to keep our staff signal as strong as possible. We will have a full test of the system hopefully before the February 15th Pro-D.

Library Closures

It is very much appreciated if you not allow students in to the library when the library is closed. This happens very rarely, however, when it does, I greatly appreciate your support. Even "good" students will "borrow" items, not respect library property, or will let other students in "just to use a computer." Like the computer labs, students should never be in the library without supervision. Students assigned to the library for study blocks are always told of alternate arrangements prior to the library closures.

Upcoming Library closures:
  • Tuesday, February 5th - last period (block A)
  • Thursday and Friday, February 7 & 8th - ALL DAY

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