Mrs. Arndt's Classroom News

Friday, April 4, 2014

Quick Updates

  • Next week Friday, you will have access to your child's grades on Power School. I will send home all of the third quarter assessments Friday the 11th.
  • I am out of kleenex!! Please send in a box. Thank you!!
  • The week before Easter we will be comparing Velveteen Rabbit stories, discussing imagination, and then watch the movie, "The Velveteen Rabbit."


During our language arts block, we have been focusing on prefixes. The students have learned about mis-, pre-, dis- and re-. Next week we will discuss suffix endings.


Today we are heading to the computer lab and ready to input our state facts into a Smore brochure. We will continue all next week creating our brochure during writing time in the classroom. It is the website I am using for this newsletter that the students will be using for their brochure.


Today the second graders will finish up making a 1000 chart in small groups. We will discuss the numbers and patterns in the chart. This leads us into our new math unit where we will explore numbers up to 1000, and add and subtract three digit numbers.

Social Studies/Science

We have been learning about heat and light energy. The students will need to identify objects that give off heat and light. Also how things that give off light also give off heat.