Ancient Greece: The Golden Age

500 B.E.C to 300 B.E.C

The Golden Age:

In 500 B.E.C - 300 B.E.C Ancient Greece went through a Golden age. A golden age is a time period when cultural advancements are at their highest point. During a Golden Age society's experience advancements in technology, arts, literature and science. During Greece's golden age they formed a new democratic government. They advanced in medicine and science and formed a new stronger military.

Famous Greeks:

There was many famous Greeks that made an impact in the Golden age and helped improve society.

Alexander the Great: He was a military commander. Alexander never lost a battle and made the military its strongest and expanded the Greek empire to its greatest size.

Aristolte : He was a scientist/philosopher. He was also Alexander the greats teacher.

Socrates: Most famous Greek philosopher.