Beach Erosion

By Joseph Maxwell Hunter

First picture of beach erosion

reference: google

Definition of Erosion

the erosion of beaches.the mechanical process of wearing or grinding something down (as by particles washing over it)

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An example of beach erosion. From google

What are the 2 main issues with erosion?

It can damage homes, destroy sea life in erosion areas.

what are the negative affects in the environment

could harm life in raised areas

what are the main regions or areas in or nearest to North America affected by erosion

San Francisco , Virginia, Rhode Island

what wildlife is mosted affected by beach erosion

Sharks, seals, and fish

what wildlife is most affected beach erosion

Beach loses Beach nourishment

Does this issue affect our lives in league city? could it reach our area?

no. but it could reach our area over time

are people affected by Beach erosion

yes, because if they live at the beach beach erosion can happen and ruin there house

who or what causes beach erosion to occur

The ocean causes Beach erosion

what are the solutions that people have come with for Beach erosion

put down sea walls

ideas to find a solution for beach erosion

put down some type of walls. they have the right stuff to make it happen