Climate change crisis

What you should know about the changing climate!

My Big Question: what are the effects of climate change?

There are many issues that will come up as climate change continues. Some of these problems include many more strong storms of all kinds, some of these storm are caused because of them jet stream moving and changing ("6 climate myths debunked") another problem is the ice caps melting which causes mass flooding ("melting away"). We will also see invasive species become more prevelent, lots of plants and animals will have to migrate to different places as temperatures change. ("How climate change affects you")

Some effects of climate change and ideas of how to stop them

My Other Important Questions

I wanted to know why climate change has only become big in these past few years. I discovered that because of how much electricity we are using today and other things like cars, the greenhouses are in much more of our air and they are keeping the heat in Earth's atmosphere better ("6 climate change myths") and ("How to save the world"). Another question I had was can we stop or reverse climate change. As I found out we still can reverse the effects of climate change of we change our ways and use co2 less and use more eco-friendly products and materials ("How climate change affects you").
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Chart of co2 emissions rise over the years

As you can see co2 has risen very high since the 1950's-1960's and if I showed you the climates rise in thoughout these years as well you would see that the co2 charts would match very closely to the climate chart