Electron configs & Orbital Not.

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Steps To Write Electron configuration

Step 1: Find the element on the periodic table (Carbon)

Step 2: Look at how many electrons are in the element. (Carbon has 6 electrons)

Step 3: Use the Aufbau diagram.

Step 4: Start with 1s then go to the next end of the arrow until you get up to 6 electrons.

Step 5: Check your answer by adding all of the powers. (1s2 2s2 2p2)

Chemistry Tutorial 4.03: Electron Configuration

Steps to draw orbital notation.

Step 1: Do the same for electron configuration, from steps 1-4.

Step 2; Draw lines and put under them the energy levels as much as it can go up to.

Step 3: Draw two arrows each in each sublevel until you reach the amount of electrons.

Step 4: Then check your amount of electrons.

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Orbital Notation and Electron Configuration for Ions Part 3