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REVERSE 4 Step-60 Day Supply Regimen

REVERSE– Reverse is like a boot camp for your skin! It brightens, corrects discoloration and gives an overall even skin tone.

1. EXFOLIATING WASH - exfoliates and refines your skin with smooth, rounded beads vs a typical apricot scrub that can tear and break the skin. Great first step to get your skin ready for the next steps in the regimen.

2. TONER -brightens skin with licorice extracts, antioxidants, salicylic acid and kojic acid that go deep into the skin and brighten from underneath the surface.

3.BRIGHTENING COMPLEX - Dual action complex corrects discoloration while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles with pure vitamin C and retinol - mix together for a powerful correction treatment. These two are kept separate until ready to use for maximum efficacy.

4.SUNSCREEN-SPF 50- incredible daytime moisturizer with brightening ingredients to immediately brighten the skin and protect it with SPF 50+ sunscreen. This ensures that the REVERSE regimen has the opportunity to reverse the signs of past damage and protects from new discolorations from forming. Goes on light, not oily.

Retail Price $179


**For Extreme Discoloration/Hyper-pigmentation such as dark brown spots or Melasma, I suggest our Accelerator Pack. It’s stronger and more effective. Order individually as the Reverse #1 Wash, Accelerator Pack with the Hydroquinone(2%), and the SPF #4. This grouping comes out to the same price as the REVERSE regimen.

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Rodan + Fields REVERSE

REVERSE Packages

REVERSE AMP IT UP SPECIAL — the AMP MD has 200 medical-grade stainless steel needles that penetrate the skin’s service, sending a message to the brain that there’s an injury and stimulates collagen production! The needles also help the accompanying night serums penetrate the top layer of skin and work more effectively. Just 1 minute, each night.

Retail $232

PC Only $210

REVERSE Redefined Special – essentially an at-home micro dermabrasion tool, our MACRO Exfoliator provides physical exfoliation that, in just 5 minutes per week, removes up to 5 million dead skin cells. Pores appear smaller, skin brighter and fresh new skin comes to surface. To get the most out of your products, I highly recommend the MACRO with REVERSE for better, visibly enhanced results.

Retail $366

PC Only $331

REVERSE POWER PACK - this will give you the REVERSE Regimen, the Macro Exfoliator and the Amp MD. More bang for your buck and the results are incredible. This is a “dream team” for discoloration and anti-aging!

Retail $455

PC Only $411

Optional Add On's for REVERSE

Night Time Moisturizer

• Normal to Dry - REDEFINE Overnight Restorative Cream

Retail $73

PC Only $66

Normal to Oily - SOOTHE Replenishing Cream

Retail $53

PC Only $48

  • Eye Cream & Eye Cloths are both incredible. These are packed with Peptides and optical brighteners to brighten and tighten the eyes.
  • Mineral Peptides-SPF 20 supports skin’s resiliency to environmental aggressors and irritants and provides sun protection, while light deflecting minerals immediately even skin tone and reduce redness.

If you would like to order products from our REVERSE Regimen, please check out our Preferred Customer Program where you will get 10% off all orders and FREE FedEX shipping, which more than makes up for the one time enrollment fee of $19.95 for a lifetime membership. I can sign you up and manage your account for you or you can always push your order as many times as you need with NO PENALTY!! This is a great way to manage your orders online and get special treatment from the doctors and ME!! :)

Please let me know if you have any questions at all. With a 60-day, empty bottle, money back guarantee, there is zero risk to trying out these incredible products. ☺