Egyptian clothes

By Sunday Thiyang and Charlie Lorkovic 1st period

Egyptian Clothing

Clothes were much different back in Egyptian times then they are today. Their clothes were made by a long and painstaking process. Some men wore just the bare essentials of cloth around their waists, while others wore robes. Women wore robes that covered their body. the type of clothes people wore depended on how wealthy or poor they were.

How Egyptian Clothes Were Made

The process of making Egyptian clothes was long and tiring. Flax is harvested by being pulled out of the ground. Men mostly did this job. after it was harvested, the flax stems are soaked for several days to separate fibers which are then beaten until soft. Then a spinner attaches fibers to the spindle and twists them into a strong thread. After that, weaving is done on a loom.

Peoples social classes for clothes

The amount of clothing people wore depended largely on how rich or poor they were. People with more money. like scribes or priests always wore more clothing and full robes. Others like slaves or farmers wore just a cloth around their waist.

What Priests Wore For Worship

Priests and religious leaders dressed strictly for religion. They bathed several times a day and shaved their heads. Priests would remove all hair from their body in order to be pure enough to talk to a god. After bathing, they put on fresh linen and did not wear wool or leather sandals since they were considered impure. Priests who served the god Anum wore a leopard skin robe to show who they worshiped. In lots of cults, priests didn't wear a wig.