Cheetah Wrap Up

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is that special time of the year when we try to gather with family and friends and celebrate being together and giving thanks for those among us and those far away. While Thanksgiving is somewhat commercialized-ads about Black Friday deals were out in late October, it is less commercialized than some other holidays and for this I think we should all give thanks!

As parents we want our children to understand the true meaning of the holidays and with Thanksgiving in particular focus on how much we have; i.e. how many wonderful people we have in our lives to care, support, and comfort us.

This month we are supporting Loudoun Mobile Hope which I discussed in my November newsletter. Your child will be coming home with a decorated paper bag which we hope will come back filled by December 4th with baby wipes, diapers, canned food, gently used or new coats, and new toys. These items are ones that are in short supply and Loudoun Mobile Hope has specifically requested.

I hope you will join us in supporting those in need in our greater community and as you fill your bag talk with your child about how thankful others will be due to their kindness and generosity.

This year I will be traveling a little early to spend Thanksgiving with my family in New York. My mom looks forward to my visits as I inevitably bring stories of my "kids"-your children to share with her. As I celebrate with my family and reflect on all that I have to be grateful for this holiday, all of you and your children will be top of the list.

Thank you all for you support, kindness, stories, laughter and making our school such a warm and friendly place for all.

Warm wishes to you and your loved ones for a peaceful and very Happy Thanksgiving!


5th Grade Happy Thanksgiving

Our 5th graders decorated their collection bags for Loudoun Mobile Hope by wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving!
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Updates and Reminders

1. Ms. Soto will be out of school November 23rd-27th. Please contact Ms. Lotho if needed.

2. Monday, November 23rd-Collection for Loudoun Mobile Hope begins

3. Wednesday, November 25th-27th-Thanksgiving Holiday-School Closed

4. Friday, December 4th: Formal Friday and Collection for Loudoun Mobile Hope ends.

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