A Heroic Giraffe Who Saved The Day

By: Angela Smith


My setting takes place in South Africa, at a college campus in town. My main character is Melvin, a giraffe whose neck is only two feet long. My conflict in the story is that everyone has all of a sudden gone completely deaf. There is a hurricane that is brewing off of the coast of South Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean. Because of this hurricane, everyone suddenly becomes deaf without any given warning. The story starts out where Melvin is talking about how all giraffes have to get an education and a degree when they are five years old. Melvin has a friend, Dr. Hazel, who has a Physics major and works at a college in South Africa. Melvin goes to this college and he thinks it is the most amazing place he has ever been to. Then one day he is sitting in Physics class and he learns that this massive hurricane is coming. After just a few seconds the hurricane hits and after that no one is able to hear anything. Melvin has to try to save everyone, but I'm not going to say anymore than that. My theme for this story is that even though a person may have a disability, they shouldn't be afraid to try new things. Take life the way it is, no matter what may happen. There will be obstacles a person will encounter in their life, but there is a way to overcome those obstacles and accomplish great things like Melvin did. Melvin had a disability himself, his neck was only two feet long but he still was considered a true hero for what he did.

My Bio

My name is Angela Smith. I am 17 years old and I am a Junior at North Fayette Valley High School. I love to read books and my favorite sport is soccer. I love animals as well. I have two cats whose names are Lakers and Packers. I'm also a very quiet and shy person.