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Monday - Return black folders
Tuesday - Return library book
Friday -
Send back Thursday folder and Homework folder - Gingerbread Houses

I hope it's not too late of notice for this, but I'd really love to have the kids make gingerbread houses this Friday after lunch. Some of you had mentioned you didn't get a chance to participate in the feast, so this is another opportunity. We will need the following items:

Graham crackers (2-3 boxes)

Icing (2-3 tubs)

Plastic knives

Assorted candy items (such as marshmallows, skittles, peppermints, gum drops, chocolate chips, etc.)

Please let me know ASAP via email or phone if you can help out by sending something! Sorry for the late notice.


Today in your child's homework folder (or backpack if they can't find their folder), you received a RAZ-kids password card, a note from me, and a note from the RAZ-Kids website with information on how to use it! WHAT IS RAZ-KIDS? Well, I think it's one of the coolest apps available to kids, and our class worked really hard to get it. The letter says our school has a subscription, but that's not true! We are the only class that has it right now, and we had to promise to use it (because funding can be difficult). That being said, we are kind of a "test" program to see how well it works, so I want to give it our best shot, and part of my proposal was that I have the best set of parents ever, and they will use it at home. So instead of the usual homework, you as parents have homework this week - lol. You can use this online on your computer, tablet, or phone, and you can go online or download the app. Just read the directions, and let me know if you need help. Our goal is to have everyone reading on a Level D by the end of the year, but I want our class to go above and beyond! Have fun with it, but do try to read a little each day. WAIT! I didn't really answer what it is, did I? (I'm just so excited to have it!) Ok, it's a leveled reading program where your child can listen to the book, read the book to themselves or someone else, RECORD themselves and SEND it to me. It also has a comprehension test. Why is that important? When we do assessments on their reading level, they have to read the words fluently, but they also have to understand what they read and answer questions about it. My favorite thing about this program is that each child is set to work on their own level, and I can change their level as needed.

One little note to you. When we assess students, the book they read is one they have NEVER seen or heard before. We are not allowed to tell them anything other than the title and what the book is about. That is very difficult so if you are sitting with your child to read, encourage them to try to read it without listening and see how they do. The reason I suggest they listen to it when we are in class is because I will have 19 kids running toward me saying they don't know a word in the book.

Again, I'm so excited to have this as part of our homework. Continue your sight word practice (because that is the majority of their reading - if they know their sight words, they will be able to easily read a level D by the end of the year.) And READ AS MANY DAYS OF THE WEEK AS YOU CAN!


Word Study: Short O word families, CVC words
Sight words: was, ride
Reading: Cause and Effect
Writing: Organizing a story (beginning, middle, end), sentence structure
Math: Comparing numbers to 10, one more - one fewer

The season of giving is here . . . .

The school has extended the Care Share donations through this Thursday. Our class has adopted a four year old boy. You received a note a few weeks ago stating that he is a size 5 in pants, medium shirt, 10 in shoes, and he would like building blocks, books, legos, crafts, and cars. :) Thanks for your donations so far!

Wish List

We are in need of a few items in our classroom if you are able to help.

  • Thin tip dry erase markers
  • old magazines
  • flyers from stores (especially toy stores!)


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