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To Byzantine and Beyond

Byzantium is the Place to Be

Run by Emperor Justinian I, the Byzantine Empire is wealthy and peaceful. Everyone is free to worship their god although it is encouraged to go to the Eastern Orthodox Churches such as the Hagia Sophia. Watching chariot races at the Hippodrome is the main past time for many citizens in Constantinople! Come to Byzantium, it's the place to be!

The Capital City: Constantinople

Constantinople is ideally located at the crossroads of both Europe and Asia. Travelling does not create a problem for any of the Byzantine people. Constantinople is not only bordered by the Bosphorus Strait, but it has both the Mediterranean and Black Seas on its sides. The walls surrounding this capital city protect our people as well.

Some of Our Finest Locations in Constantinople

Byzantium vs. Rome

Byzantium took the place of Rome's Eastern Empire. Its citizens go to Eastern Orthodox Churches. Although Rome started as a Republic and later became an empire, Byzantium has always been an empire. Rome had two empires; an Eastern and a Western. Finally, both places had many similarities including entertainment from chariot races and gladiator fights. Also, Latin was the official language for Rome while Greek was the official language for Byzantine. We still have our Roman past, but we have improved to create this lovely place that we can call home!

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