Tips for Technology Integration

Making technology work for you and your students

November 2014

About this newsletter:

Integrating technology into the classroom in a meaningful, engaging, and creative manner can be a daunting task. I am no expert, by far, but I am an explorer and a life-long learner. I hope to be able to do a little of the legwork for you and to help you introduce new technologies and applications to your students that will lead them to be real world, 21st Century learners, critical thinkers, and responsible, creative users of information with the tools they have at their fingertips. This newsletter is just one way I hope to accomplish that goal - by offering tips and ideas to get you started designing engaging, tech-infused lesson plans that will empower your students and meaningfully present technology that inspires creative thought across the curriculum.

At our fingertips...

Technologies we have readily available at Hodges Elem/Gwd School of Inquiry:

Get Techie for Fun, Engaging Projects and Higher Level Learning

Three technologies to explore this month...

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Next month...

Google Classroom!

Next month we'll explore Google Classroom, a virtual classroom space that offers tons of possibilities in streamlining your classroom; assigning, collecting, and assessing projects and assignments; and allowing your students a collaborative space to interact and learn together! Also...more iPad app options to use for quick as well as extended projects for both the primary and elementary grades!
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Contact Ms. Bates

Please feel free to contact me with questions about the apps/technologies presented here or any other questions you may have about integrating and using instructional technologies. As your Media Specialist and School Technology Leader, I am here to help guide you and if I can't readily answer your question, we'll simply learn the answer together!

Also, please check out the work your School Technology Leaders and Coaches at GWD50 are doing by following our blog for tons of creative tips and tricks to use with your classrooms!