New Owl Ramp Up!

Great Check List for New Owls

Feel awesome: organized, comfortable, prepared, and ready to rock!

New Owl Start Up List:

Flyer's Direct link to order business cards:they are darlign and reasonable!

Join our Team Believe FB Page

My InspiredO2Owls FB Page for Biz Strategy:

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  • Get familiar with the Career Plan
  • Pay Quicker FAQ and Link: get signed up so you can get paid!
  • Jewelry Bar & Locket Tips: what sells best, merchandising help!
  • Sample Flyers: fundraising, rack cards, wedding rack cards, etc.
  • Sample Biz Plan (Plan of Action): how much do you want to work?
  • Target ONE EVENT and ONE Jewelry Bar (party) each month to get you launched
  • Get your "launch party" booked so I can help you!


Even if you are brand new:

This is THE TIME to Build Your Team & Help People You Know Reach a Dream

Learn about our SOAR TO SUCCESS Program!

This company is on the move: don't let someone join O2 under someone else!

Check out all of the amazing (SHORT and SWEET) Training VIdeos in your Back Office in the O2 Lounge!

Make It Count! This is the time to hit the ground running and become the "go to O2 rep" in your hood

Lean on me anytime!