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Thank you for taking the time each month to open your email and newsletter attachment. We appreciate you keeping up on BDA news in the Dance Dispatch!

Spring is upon us! Here are some thoughts for this month...


NO CLASSES will be held Friday, March 25th - Sunday, March 27th for Easter

The closer we get to recital time, the more regular attendance is critical for student progression and group choreography. Thank you for making all scheduled classes a priority when it comes to extra-curricular activities. Any classes that a student misses too close to the show may result in a mandatory private lesson with the instructor. In order to avoid this, older students can meet with friends of that class before the next week’s lesson to learn anything they may have missed. It is essential that students arrive to class on time, fully dressed in appropriate attire and ready to go. This allows for a safe and proper warm up to avoid injuries. If a student arrives late, they are to quietly get their dance shoes on and join in with the class as fast as they can. From there, the teacher may ask them to warm up on their own off to the side.

If a student is unable to attend class for any reason, please call the front desk as soon as you know you will be absent. This ensures that the teacher can make appropriate adjustments for those who are attending that class ahead of time. Make-up classes will only be approved if BDA has been notified prior to the student’s absence. So Please Call In! Make up classes must be arranged with the dancer’s teacher ahead of time.

For any further questions, please refer to the Policies and Procedures.

Recital 2016 - Hooray for Hollywood!

As recital 2016 creeps closer and closer, you will start to receive more and more information. We are very excited to try our new location in a theatre that is only 6 years old and only a 15 minute drive from the studio, right across the new highway 34 bridge - the Glenwood Community Theatre!

Recital Show Times

On the wall next to Studio A, two lists will be posted the last week of this month. They specify which dances will appear in which recital. The dances are NOT necessarily listed in order of performance. Please understand that for our younger students we have tried to keep them in one recital as much as possible. However, there are a few cases if a student is taking a spotlight or specialty class that they may have to perform in both shows.
Please carefully read the list, as it requires your attention in 3 ways…
1. Take note of which recital time(s) your child will dance.
2. Please look to see if your child’s name is spelled correctly.
If the spelling is not correct, please let someone at the front desk know.

3. Please also tell the front desk what size t-shirt (unisex sizes) you prefer for your child.

Recital Information
In April, you will receive a Very Important email that contains ALL the information you need about recital. Maybe even more than you wanted to know!!! Until you receive that booklet, just keep some dates on your calendar…

Parent Visitation & Costume Pick Up Monday, May 23rd - Saturday, May 28th
Recital Pictures Saturday, June 4th and Sunday, June 5th
Dress Rehearsal Friday, June 10th
Recital Saturday, June 11th at 1:00 and 6:00 pm

Summer Plans?

Summer is a great time to try a new style, learn more skills, and maintain abilities for next season. Don't miss out on everything BDA has to offer this summer!

From Princess Ballerinas for our younger students to intensive technique and themed camps for our older students, we have a way for everyone to explore dance this summer! We will offer a wide variety of clinics and camps to help you focus on learning a specific technique or trying something new! In one of our most popular camps, the campers will bring a DISNEY musical production to life in just two weeks!

Summer schedules will be out in March.

Classes fill up fast so make sure you grab the registration form as soon they are released!

Best Wishes

Best Wishes to Electrix (BDA’s competition dance team) as they start rolling into the competition season!! After each competition, you will see trophies or plaques displayed by the front desk.

The team will be doing some fundraising to help them get to Nationals this summer. You will start seeing hair bows and tutus and even some yummy bake sales happening! Make sure you check them out!

If you’d like more information on competition dance, please ask Miss Jayme, or email the front desk your questions. Feel free to come support the team and watch their performances! Specific times are available at the front desk.

Hangers Please

We are currently organizing all of our costumes at our storage facility. Our costume manager would love it if you happen to have some extra hangers laying around that you could drop off a the front desk. Thanks for your help!

Staying Healthy

As cold and flu season slowly comes to an end, please use your best judgment when deciding between sending your child to dance and keeping them home. While growth from week to week in class is important, so is rest and keeping others healthy. If your child is diagnosed with anything that could be contagious, please k­­­eep your children home and call to let us know. We will understand and look forward to seeing you the following week! This would include anything from fever to pink eye. We would also like to remind our older dancers that water bottle sharing isn’t the smartest idea, especially this time of year. :)

Thank you for your cooperation.

Helpful Hints for Preschooler Parents

Here are a few helpful hints to help your
preschooler in dance class:

~ Please be sure that before every class your child has been to the restroom. Needing to go during class is a distraction for them and they may miss something really fun in class. Plus, of course, when one goes they all want to go. :)

~ Always be sure your child has had a snack before class. This helps a tired child feel more energized and happy. This is especially true for children attending evening classes.

~ Encourage your dancer to leave toys at home. Baby dolls and teddy bears are great fun to have and share, but can be very tempting when observing his or her little parent in dance class.

~ Praise! Praise! Praise! If your child is interested in showing you a movement learned in class or one created on his/her own, watch with great interest and be excited! At that moment, your child is expressing love, joy, and happiness. Could you ask for anything more wonderful?

The funny part is these same tips
can apply to your OLDER DANCERS too!

Shoes for FREE? Yes, you can!

We understand that the cost of dancewear can be high, especially for little growing feet! We can help with that…

We invite parents to 'trade in' gently used tap, ballet, jazz, and hip hop shoes. You can 'swap' for a new "used" pair (of equal or lesser value) at no charge! A tap for a tap or a tap for a get the idea!

If you just want to 'trade in a pair' and we don't have what you want, you can take a 'used shoe coupon' to use for a future used pair of shoes.

Lastly, for someone who doesn't have a used shoe to swap - they can buy any used pair of shoes. It's a great deal as often there are shoes in mint condition.

Used Shoe Values:
Ballet $5, Jazz $8, Hip Hop $8, Tap $10, Spotlight Tap $15.

This program could be so amazing! Right now, we really need a lot of donations though in order to get it going! Please consider donating any old dance shoes so we can have plenty sizes to trade!

If you have any questions, just ask at the desk!

Tired of EXCUSES for not practicing at home?

Practice CDs can now be ordered.

We will put ALL of your dancer’s songs
on one cd. Just bring $1 to the
front desk to reserve yours today!

It will be ready for pick up in one week!

Another great idea is to simply record the teacher or the assistant from the window while they practice. Recording them from the back makes it so much easier for your dancer to follow and practice at home!

Get your BDA gear!

Lots of great Bellevue Dance Academy logo wear is available at the GTM online store!

* Bags * T-shirts * Shorts * Jackets * Hoodies * Sweatshirts * Tanks

There is even a fleece blanket and a headband! Check it out:

Fun for the Family!

The Broadway Production class is excited to present a musical performance that is sure to be a sell out!

Saturday, March 19th

7:00 pm

Lifespring Church

13904 S. 36th St.

Tickets $7

Lost and Found

Our lost and found basket is overflowing! At the end of each month any items left will be donated to charity. Thank you for checking for your lost items!

This time of year we also see a lot of JACKETS that get left hanging in the hallways! Don't forget to check the hooks in hallways too!


Congratualtions to our latest STAR DANCERS!

Zoe Mattox * Ace Sedlacek * Isabelle Lilley * Rory Hennessy

Keep Watching the Star Dancer Wall to see who is next!



to teach excellence through dance,

develop strong minds and open hearts,

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