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Important Information From Mrs. Klaehn

December 11, 2020

Keep Up the Good Fight!

HCS Students,

I probably don't take enough opportunities to tell you this, but I am so darn proud of you. I watch you excel in and out of the classroom, and even when you're struggling, I see you put your best foot forward every day.

Since last March, you have been on a rollercoaster. The school building was closed without a whole lot of warning. Then it got extended over and over again, until finally we knew for sure it wouldn't open again before the end of the year. Then the 20-21 school year started, and we're still adjusting to this weird model of you being here one day but not the next, and wait...is it a Friday 1 or a Friday 2?

It's a lot to handle!

You've learned new technology, learned to manage your time, learned to advocate for yourself, and hopefully learned a few things about yourself, like who and what is important to you. Some days (weeks, months) are really hard, and you might feel like you're struggling. It's ok for you not to feel like things are perfect all of the time. Because guess what? They're not!

Even so, I came across this quote by one of my favorite authors, Glennon Doyle, last week

"You're not struggling. You're simply mid conquer."

I think this is a great statement. It means that there is still (always) hope. The battle isn't over, and you shouldn't throw it the towel now; you've come too far! Keep on keepin' on. Persevere. I know you might think that nobody cares, but I am telling you that this school is filled with people who will support you however you need to be supported...you just have to let us know.

Thank you for all the little things you do every day that make me smile and remind me how lucky I am to be your principal.

You are extraordinary!

~Mrs. Klaehn

Student Connections

One of our goals this year, partly as a result of the hybrid or remote schedule but largely because we want to increase our support of students, is to have a better idea of which students feel safe with and connected to adults in the building. This has also been posted in the PE Google Classrooms, and as of this moment, 164 students have completed it. It will take approximately 30 seconds of your time, and will help us to better support you! If you click on the link and it won't let you submit, that means you already completed it (thank you!).

Please see this form to complete the survey.

Google Meet Expectations

There are 2 slides here, which I hope you will review. This is important for our 100% Remote learners, but also for our students who occasionally need to jump on to a lesson's Google Meet. It's also important to remember that, if we have to go 100% Remote again sometime this school year (we certainly don't want to, but we need to be prepared), the expectation will be that students are attending Google Meets and participating. We currently have, and will continue to have, traditional grading, and participation and work count!

A Note on Masks

I know wearing the masks is kind of a drag, but we are continuing to use best practices when it comes to safety, and regardless of your personal feelings, I appreciate that you are complying with requests to keep your masks on. When the Department of Health has to interview people (both inside and outside of the school) who may have come into contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, they ask about mask wearing, and it plays a huge part in contact tracing and the impact on others. If you notice that your teachers are staggering mask breaks or asking you more frequently to put your mask back on, it is because we want you to be here in school, and we know that is one step in making it a continuous possibility.

Thanks for your cooperation in this effort to keep all Bulldogs safe!

Teacher of the Month

Want to nominate one of your teachers for Teacher of the Month? Use this form to identify a teacher who goes above and beyond for their students! I tell them they're amazing all the time, but it's more meaningful when it comes from YOU.

Student Email & Tech Support

All students have email addresses. In PE, you ran a "test" of your email. Please make sure that you can both send and receive messages. Choose a teacher and give it a try! If you cannot, please let our Tech Support know.

You can find tech support by going to the district website, accessing the header for "Instruction and Technology" on the right side of the page, choosing "Instructional Technology", and then "Tech Help". You will see the page below when you click "Tech Help", and will be directed to fill out a form or request device repair by clicking on the hyperlinks.

Thanks for helping us to better help you!

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Counselor Corner

Reach out to your counselors any time via email:

Mr. Carrier

Mrs. VanLare

A musical message from all of us at HCS!

I'll Stand by You (2006 Remaster)