Privacy & Security


Using the same password for many accounts can leave you at risk for password break-ins. For important accounts, come up with long and difficult passwords that are hard to guess.

7 Online Scams

  1. Free Trail Offer!- The internet Offer you thought was free, might not be at all.
  2. The Hot Spot Imposter- The crook might be near around looking for credit card, banking, and other password info to sell and/or steal your money.
  3. The not-so-sweet Tweet- They send your spam e-mails.
  4. Your Computer is Infected- When you click on the link the company installs a software on your computer. They end up having your credit card number, stealing your money.
  5. Dialing for Money- The scammer is hoping for you to reveal your account information to steal.
  6. We are the world- The charity is a scam designed to steal your cash and banking information.
  7. Love for sell- Your scam lover that you have met online, might steal all your money.


  • Keep your social security number to your self! Some fake websites and emails may ask you for your social security number, but businesses almost never make that request. Therefore, do NOT share this online.
  • Set your privacy setting on social media so people can ask permission

User agreements

Know as the document you´re supposed to read before signing up a site or platform. It states the legal guidlines, rules and permisons that only a few people care about. Read before you click accept, It is SUPER important! You will be signing off some of your rights!