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The Beginning of the Photo Editing Club -Juan,Fabian,Jacquan

Photo Editing

leaving a legacy

Our group designed a concept for Photo Editing Club for the Middletown High School. The school is a great place, but unfortunately a photo editing club does not exist yet. This club is a enjoyable one that is missing out in our school. “Photo editing could be more exciting for people and it can also inspire people to join the club to come edit” (Solano).

People out there may have nothing to do after school and are just wasting time. My evidence concludes that this club can inspire kids to come to school and learn the ways of editing photos. Students who don’t often come may now have a reason if they find this club “fun” and “inspiring”. Kid’s will have less absence because of this club. Inspired to do some editing for communities and people they know of. Joining will be helping out the community and this will be the reason students will be more inspired to come. Tech like this is usually more fun and that’s why it needs to be a club to have. “The club sounds like it is a place for fun and for experimenting out editing tools. Just a club to have fun in” (Ramirez). This club is mostly for students that enjoy Photoshopping pictures and doing something after school. The kids would actually want to come to school. it may become to get the school more advanced

“Photo editing club can inspire many different people. The club can make many people decide come to school because they will have fun in this club” (Nova).

Mr. Nova’s statement is suggesting that it will bring more people to come to school rather than stay home because they want to join the club and work inside it. What Mr. Nova also is trying to say is that this club could even could change the minds of some people who think that coming to school is a waste of time. Overall this club could be an inspiration to students that want to be professional photoshoper.

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