Whole School Quality Circle Time

2 day workshop for schools!

Do you believe schools should actively foster...

  • greater gender and social sensitivity?
  • equity among students?
  • skills for personal success amongst young people?
  • authentic community and citizenship values?

So how can these multiple and vital needs be met in a way that's coherent, practical and meaningful, without confusing teachers or students and without losing focus on academic learning standards?

One holistic, highly effective approach, which has been used by several leading schools across India for over 10 years is Jenny Mosley's Whole School Quality Circle Time. The Teacher Foundation (TTF) is the sole accredited training provider in India for Jenny Mosley Consultancies, UK. TTF has trained thousands of teachers across India on QCT.

The training on Whole School Quality Circle Time (QCT) is an intensive but very enjoyable 2 day session. It is an approach that is inclusive, positive, caring and assertive so that students and staff experience success in school. This two day module helps participants to understand the ethos of the Whole School Quality Circle Time Model to promote positive behavior and respectful relationships in their school. It also trains them in conducting Circle Time sessions effectively with children. The participants will explore listening systems, appreciation systems and staff morale as integral elements of the eco-systemic model. They will both see a live demo of Quality Circle Time with a class of students and experience a QCT session for themselves.

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The Teacher Foundation is the sole accredited training partner in India of Jenny Mosley Consultancies, UK