A beautiful and calm country with many divers areas to visit


This country is in the Heartland region. The Heartland region is in the the South West part of Europe. It is very beautiful and peaceful. There is two major landforms in the countries. There is the Alps to the SouthEast border of country. 2/3 of this country is also plains.



-The picture to the right is a main cores meal that is called Beef Bourguignon. It is a traditional cores that is usually severed with wine.

-Coq au Vin is a main cores that has poultry in it and cooked in red wine.

-Chocolate Eclair is a desert that is basically a donuts that has chocolate on the top of the eclair.


The climate in this country is very similar to the climate here. They have cold winters and mild summers. The Mediterranean area has mild winters and hot summers.

In the north they have very cold winters and cold winters. The best time to visit this area is in the spring because the first flowers of spring is a sign that the people that live here should decorate the gardens.

Materials you Should Bring

-Sweat shirt

-Shoes other than flip flops

-Jeans or sweat pants

-Hat and gloves for night

-A light jacket


The main language of France is French.

Some Good Phrases

-Hello is bonjor

-My name is is mon nom est

-what is your name is quel est votre nom

-were is is étaient est

-how do you get to is comment obtenez-vous à


Many of the major cites in France have international airports. Some are Paris of course, but also Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Strasbourg, Toulouse. That is how you get in but once you are there the main transpiration is train. Much of France is covered by train track.

Major Citys

Some Major cities in France are

-Paris with a population of 12,089,2103

-Lyon with a population of 2,118,132

-Maseille with a population of 1,715,096

-Toulouse with a population of 1,202,889

-Lille with a population of 1,150,530


Holidays are:

-All Saints Day is a day to commemorate there dead one. November, 1

-WWII Victory Day is a day to celebrate the winning of WWII. May, 8

-Easter Monday is a day to celebrate the death of Jesus April, 21

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