See How Your Kids Do In School!

Infinite Campus Portal is FORSURE the way to go!

What is Infinite Campus Portal?

Infinite Campus Portal is a site that is located on the Morrill Public Schools webpage. This is a site that shows what your child's grade is, their attendence, and what is going on in the High School. you will always be able to see your students grades at Infinite Campus Portal.

Come Visit Mr. Manley in the Library!

To set up your Infinite Campus Portal account, Mr. Manley will be located in the High School Library during parent teacher conferences. Parents will create a username and password for Infinite Campus Portal, it is your choice for what the username and password should be.



Morrill Public Schools Webpage

Go here to find the Infinite Campus Portal link. Look on the left side, and scroll down to find a grey box with links. The specific link to Infinite Campus Portal will be in the grey box. Click on the link and it will take you to the login site.