Let's Play A Game!

What's new at Creative Tidal Wave

Let's play CARDS!!

Creative Tidal Wave is excited about introducing Points of You to the collection of awesome funness! Join in with groups like Cirque Du Soleil, L'Oreal, Google, and NASA to name a few, who are enhancing their leadership and team building skills by bridging the gaps to develop open communication and resolving differences in the workplace. But, it isn't just for companies, it is for families as well as just you!

There is a spot at the table waiting for you to join in the fun.

If you are curious as to how this works or just want to explore how this can be a game changer in your life and/or in your business, contact me to set up a time. I will save you a place at the table for an experience of a life time. The greatest thing is, there are no losers. The cards are never stacked against you either. No trick hands or cheating, just a constant flow of creative and intuitive inspiration. Come see what's in the cards for you.

Finding Creative Tidal Wave

CTW is an alternative solutions based coaching business specializing in team building, leadership, ADHD/ADD consulting, and enhancing lives via empowerment. If you find yourself stuck, give CTW a try to get you back on your journey. Need a program to get your work crew back in to the positive flow mode? Give CTW a call.